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Chat Instructions

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For the most enjoyable chat experience, including talking characters and hearing sounds played in the room, you should use an IRC client such as mIRC or Pirch(for Windows) or Ircle (for the Macitosh). This is the only way to chat if you are a regular.

If you choose to use a chat client (serious chatters all use chat clients) all you need to know is
IRC Server:
Port: 6669

Detailed installation and setup instructions for Mirc.

WebTV users have an entirely separate set of instructions:
(we've learned that WebTV has changed since this page was made so we are looking into the new procedures)

For Web TV users they need to be on their home page:

1. From your Web Home page, select "Chat"
2. Choose "Go to"
3. then type in
4. This next screen should have space to type the server, enter ""
Port should have "6669"
The last part is the room - type "IML" and that should get you into the room.

Regular Chatter Jim Martin has been kind enough to detail the following instructions for connecting to chat using WebTV.
1--Key "Chat" at top of Home Page.
2--Key "Go to" at top of page.
Port------> 6669
Room----> IML

For additional help, contact
or Eric.

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