Chrysler Pavilion

Chrysler's Pavilion, one of the largest at the Fair, was assembled on five islands, linked by bridges and set in a six-acre lake. Four of the islands demonstrated specific aspects of Chrysler's work; engineering, production, styling and operations. The fifth was a large theater with a continuous running puppet show (24 minutes by puppeteer Bill Biard). An over-sized engine 100 feet long with a dragon for a crank shaft, a zoo of metallic monsters and a giant rocket poised on the lake, each called attention to Chrysler's imaginative exhibit.

An enormous engine 55 feet high dominated Chrysler's Engineering Island.

The prime attraction on Engineering Island was a vast engine, a structure with a huge revolving fan in front and an sir filter on top, 55 feet up. Visitors, who walked through its inwards, saw a writhing dragon on which snapping jaws, drove pistons weighing nearly one ton a piece. An automotive turbine engine, developed by Chrysler was also on display.

Visitors could ride in a car along a small assembly line.

On Production Island visitors seated in 12 car bodies traveled along an assembly line which wound through and around an open-sided structure. Mechanical workers lined the ride. A "metallic menagerie" in which creatures made of car parts squealed with the sounds, was also on the island.

A 100 foot long car dominated Design Island.

Design Island was dominated by a giant car, 80 feet long from bumper to bumper. Its wheels were more than 20 feet high. Beneath the car, which sat seven feet off the ground, was an exhibit area in which visual displays stressed the company's automotive styling.