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Anniston Fall Gathering, Oct 5-6-7, 2001

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More Anniston Photos shot by Elijah Scott

  Another shot of Elijah's 71

Hark Harris drove his 65 up from New Orleans.  This is "Drysdale"

  This is my 64 Crown that blew a radiator on the way to Anniston last spring.  It was "Miss Misty's" first Anniston.  Ken Newberry drove it down for me.

  The 64 and 65 side by side.  We did notice they 'sat' a little different and I will be checking the torsion bars on Misty.

  Mark Harris drove his 68 up from Panama City.  I did not get to drive it but everyone who did raved about it.

  Scenes from the Sonic Cruise.  What a hoot.

  More details from Steve Carters 61.

  Elijah must really have the hots for Steve Carters 74.  He sure took a ton of photos.

  Can't get enough of this 61 wagon!

Folks, it just doesn't get any better than this.  Not talking about Imperials v.s. Packards v.s. whatever.  Talking about very nicely restored cars with a TON of style and class.

  Shots from the Victoria's porches.

  Elijah Scott (tall one) and Robert Soule on the porch pausing between their photography and repair tasks.

  Al's 51 Packard detail

  Robert Soule's 65 300.  It amazes me that the headlight covers on these cars survived the rocks over the years.

  "Senator" Todd Stennis drove up from Biloxi Mississippi in his "Black on Black on Black" 68 LeBaron.  Wow!  For some reason we did not get any other shots. 

Eagles and Flags on Bobby Wicker's 64.  Lots of flags were evident this weekend on both the cars and the businesses in Anniston.  A trend I hope continues.

  Hood ornament on Donald Taccone's 56 Packard.

Reporting from Anniston, this has been Kerry Pinkerton for the Imperial News Network.  Join us in October for our next edition.


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