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Dick wrote:

I would like to add that Auto Custom Carpets Inc. of Anniston Alabama is the source for most if not all carpeting vendors. I have bought carpets from them for various cars - they do not have cut pile of the quality used in Imperials or other fine cars, but they will make you custom fit carpets out of cut pile if you wish. This is what is in most "show" cars - it looks OK, but it is certainly not the quality of the original.  They do not list the cut pile for some years of Imperial, but if you contact them, they will custom make them for you. I have recently done this for the dark green cut pile carpet in my 67 Imperial Convertible.

It seems to me that someone with an 81-83 coupe started this discussion. Of course ACC does not have carpets anything like the "bordello" style that was used in our favorite EFI coupes - I'm sure there is a source for this, perhaps in the interior decorating or costume field, but I don't think you'll find it from an automotive carpet supplier.

Hlynur wrote:

I got my Carpet from ACC and it dit NOT fit perfectly. I used my old opne as a pattern and it was not high enough under the dash on passanger side. And it was a lot more problem with the backside. I used heatblower gun to do the best out of it, but it is not perfect.

Dave D. wrote:

The signifigant thing that is sub-par about the replacement carpet I got from ACC is the padding.

The original padding is about one inch thick, heavy, cut and formed to the floor.

What comes with the new carpet is thin, light weight and sparse. The amount of padding is substatially less than original. That is to say, the padding covers less floor area.

If my original carpet and padding hadn't been so, well, fragrant, I would have used the old padding again.

The original padding looks like old-fashioned floor rug padding made from wool. Perhaps it is still available. An enthusiastic '68 owner could cut his own padding to fit, then lay new carpet over it.

Two less important diferences in the new carpet are vinyl edging rather than surging, and the floor mat is slightly different from OEM.


(27 Jul 2004) Dave U. wrote:

I have used their carpets in several different cars, Ford’s, Chevy’s and two Pontiac’s with great results. The carpets all fit and looked just like they had been installed from the factory. Their quality is the best, you will not be disappointed. In fact I just ordered new carpet for my '81 Imperial from them.


(25 Aug 2008) Michael Olson wrote:

Since my '70 LeBaron didn't have floor mats when I got it, I don't have anything to compare it with other then reading the comments here. I knew the set I bought at Autozone were just going to be temporary.

I know this is a specialty item and after inquiring at some other vendors from our list who did not offer my year, I crossed my fingers and submitted my order.

The order came in about 1 week.

The driver and passenger side filled up the floor area to my satisfacation, though the rears were just fractionally larger than the Autozone ones I had.

I do appreicate the plastic spikes on the back side to keep all of them from sliding around.


(3 May 2012) Micah Pohlman wrote:

These people are the worst in the world to deal with, they claim that their carpet is an exact replacement for fit and finish. The carpet I ordered fro a 63 Imperial 4 door hard top did not cover the gap between the rear seat and the door. A large empty space in the middle under the front seat, leaving the floor pan exposed. None of the contours were very close, especially in the front over the center hump. But worst of all was the heal pad; wrong shape, not attached as original, not the same style but most importantly no provision for the gas peddle that goes through the floor. When I called they kept giving me the run around, but finally got a hold of the lady in product development. She did admit that it was bad, but with absolutely no effort to help. Her response to the heal pad problems "Well it cost money to make the right parts". And to the bad fit and missed spots "Yeah, we know it's wrong and we don't care". That's a real high class operation! So now the car just sits, and so does my customer, for a good source for carpet that actually fits.


(5 Aug 2014) Michael McPhee wrote:

a repeat customer 17 yrs. prior. Satisfied then. Not so much now. Areas where on vinyl binding stitched on in front where visible. Rear sections 1 1/2" too wide, had to cut to fit, which means cutting off areas that were bonded. Molded area good on drivers side , too pronounced on passenger side and back area. Called company no results. Family owned in America. Better off with China. ??


(23 Apr 2015) Dave Houghton wrote:

I ordered a black carpet with the Mass padding for my 1968 Buick LaSabre 2 was pretty expensive at close to 400.00 excited when it came I put the rear section in and it fit pretty good. HOWEVER the front section was no where close , the hump in the new carpet is 3-4" too high and about that much too wide, I finally got them to send a call tag to send the front section back along with my stock front section so they could match it. I got it back today and they sent me the same exact same carpet I sent them, and of course it don't fit, didn't fit the first time doesn't fit the second time. No note in the box , no nothing just the exact same carpet they sent the first time, it still is about 3-4" higher than the trans hump and still way to wide , they did include my old carpet , god what idiots , my car has been down for a month now over something as simple as carpet. I'd stay away from this company, just ot worth it










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