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From Frank:

When I needed a heater control valve for my 61 I had a heck of a time finding a good one.  My solution was to send my old one out to Classic Auto Air Manufacturing Co. in Tampa. They did a nice job repairing my heater control valve, it also looked new when they were done with it, they replated the tubing with copper plate. It cost me $75.00 (2001 price) but I think it was worth it.  I got a part that I know fits my car and I didn't have to mess around with junk used ones. 


From Dick:


I needed to replace my controls on my '67 Convertible and pulled the switches and sent them to Classic Auto Air in Tampa, Fla and they rebuilt fan switch and all push buttons they returned to me within 3 weeks (I paid extra for priorty mail and the complet invoice was $138.50 and they are still working fine.


(5 Aug 2006) From Alex:

ordered an evaporator unit 1 year ago for my 1964 impala, still working today thanks


(26 Mar 2012) From Dave Nixon:

I have had a very poor experience with Classic Auto Air. I had a complete system for a 68 Dodge Charger sent to them, less the compressor, and they initially lost my package. I requested a complete restoration of good factory parts and what I received was aftermarket items. They lost many of the items that were sent to them and claim they never received, and claim they shipped me items back that I was billed for and I never received. They have called me a liar and are unwilling to resolve the matter to the point I need to take legal action. They have refused to answer the question as to where my original items, they claim they did receive, actually are. I have asked 5 times directly and they will not answer the question. There are several other posts from other people on other sites about similar stories. BEWARE!!!




















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