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Christopher wrote:

Bought 4 www tires for my '54 Imperial a few years back. They handle well but may opt for the radials next time.


Kenyon wrote:

I got 5 BF Goodrich Silvertown tires for my 1960 from them. Service was good and delivery time acceptable. I paid top dollar, but am very happy with what I got (knew what I wanted beforehand).


Coker sells a warranty on their tires for extra $$.

I'd read the fine print carefully and consider whether it is worth if to you or not. I regret having bought it for my 5 tires due to having not needed it. I seem to remember that it was almost 20% of the whole bill, or another tire's cost.

I didn't try to place a claim or anything, so this isn't commentary on whether they deliver or not on their insurance contract.

It seems to me that most tire failures are not manufacturer-related, but road-hazard or (under)inflation issues, plus Coker is mail-order and not affiliated with local service places.

Steve B. wrote:

Coker isnít a bad company and they make a decent product.


Joe M. wrote:

I currently have a set of Cokers on my '61 Imperial. The problem I have with all four of them is, where the tire bead meets the rim of the wheel, the white wall is breaking and seperating from the tire, as if I have a phoney white wall like the ones that were used many years ago after you would buy a set of black walls and then install the seperate flipper white wall. So far, I am not getting any help from Coker to get it corrected. I bought the tires thru America's Tire Co. in Indio, Calif. We have bought at least 20 sets of tires since they opened about 7 years ago. Still pursuing the matter, but I have a lot of other things of higher priorty, so must get back to this one very soon as I truly love the better ride and control they have over the bias. A bad feature of bias today is mainly from what has been done to the pavement we drive on. Bias was ok, if the freeways were not grooved for water as they do so much for today. The bias follows these grooves constantly.


Dave S. wrote:

I am having the same problems as Joe with my Cokers on the '60 Imperial. With my tires the black inner wall is going bad too. The tires are only 3 years old but look like they are 33! However not all the tires are showing the same problem. The tread shows little wear too. Even so the quality of the tire does give me some concern, as they should not be doing this at 3 years of age.


(24 Jan 2006) Jim Roozeboom wrote:

I purchased a set of S375/60B-15 Pro-Trac's,and a set of S445/50-15 Pro-Trac's.These are a 33inch Pro Street type tire.They where shipped to me from thier Fresno store.I wanted these tires because they come 33inches tall in a 15inch wide,and an 18inch wide tire.One has to get up in the 22inch wide range to get a 33inch tire from other companies.

After mounting the S375/60B's on a new set of 12inch wide Cragar S/S 15 wheels,one tire was 1/2inch wider than the other.The side walls on one tire bulged out more than the other.Yes i checked the air both.

Now we mount the 445/50-15 on a new set of Cragar S/S 15-14 wide wheels.Guess what!! one tire is a full 1inch smaller in diamater than the other...UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!Like one is a low profile or something.

So now i call the 1-800 number and am measuring all four tires with them on the phone.They admit thats not normal and tell me to send the two tires back at my expence.$72.20 U.P.S. I AM NOT HAPPY!

I sent them back today 1-24-06.I wounder what if the tires they send back to me don't match the two setting in my shop.Different LOT No.? Another72.20 U.P.S.bill to send those back too?All i wanted was two sets of matching tires....








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