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From Ed Ray:

I just receive a sealed Energy suspension kit from Energy Suspension.  This is a negative review. I ordered a kit # 8-1801. This is for a 1990 Toyota 4X4 pickup. This is a kit is for rear spring bushings, body mount bushings, A arm bushings and sway bar bushings and tie rod joint caps.

I have not installed the kit, as just having been received. I inventoried the parts. I found several things wrong.

There are basically 2 parts lists, a master parts list for the total kit detailed by each individual package and within each sealed package a parts list for the parts in that package. As an example a sealed package may be a rear spring package.

Firstly on the body mount kit, there were some steel body mount washers mentioned that were not included, obviously will not work with the stock metric bolts. These were in the detail part list for that package but not the master parts list.

Secondly; on the body mount kit, the polyurethane bushings included were 8 of one size where what was needed and detailed in the Energy Suspension parts list, both master parts list and indivudual, within the sealed parts package, parts lists, were 2 of one size and 4 of another size. These did not even fit their own sleeve size, only the 2 properly specified did.

Thirdly: A sway bar kit was included. Two bolts were provided. To go with the 2 bolts and listed were, in the detail package parts list, to be 2ea 3/8 nuts, these were not included. Obviously the nuts from the stock Toyota will not work as they are metric.














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