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Please note, George Laurie may no longer be in business. He isn't responding to phone calls and his email has stopped working.

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(11 Jun 2018) From Jean Poirot:

I live in France and I placed an order in january of lenses for my desoto 1956. I paid 310 dollars and never received the goods. Since i ve been trying to contact georges. He is no responding to emails and calls. Does someone know about what coudl have happened?


(21 Feb 2017) From Rod Lamping:

This guy is amazing, he made me my 63 dodge 880 station wagon tial light,,,,, utterly fantastic,worth every penny


(21 Jan 2017) From Darrell Tomczyk:

Update to my original review dated 24 Jul 2016: after many months of waiting and getting paypal involved I recieved the lenses I had ordered. It was a truly awful experience knowing I had sent money for a product halfway around the world with nothing to show except empty promises. The shipment finally did arrive, packaged exceptionally well against possible damage and the lenses were fantastic. The quality is superb.


(24 Jul 2016) From Darrell Tomczyk:

Beware, this huckster took my money ($700.00) and kept making excuses. Initially said the parts would ship in 3-4 weeks, then said he was swamped with orders, then he misplaced my order, then it was too cold in Australia to work, and then he stopped responding. Never received anything except another life lesson. Nothing in over 6 months.


(27 Jun 2016) From Glenn Barratt:

I gave George Laurie $500 and 2 steering wheels for recasting, as well as a nos 58 steering wheel to cast from, in June of 2010. Initially his email replies were full of every excuse you could ever dream up as to why he had not yet delivered what I paid him for. Now he has not replied to my last 10 emails, since 2013. The only way to describe treating customers like this, is outright theft. I will be initiating legal proceedings against George Laurie within 14 days in an effort to recoup the money that he has taken from me 6 years ago now. I think that I have been patient enough.


(8 Nov 2014) From R Allen Nixon:

It would be interesting to know if the two reviewers from 2008 eventually got their lenses. I ordered some from him well over six months ago, sent many follow-ups, most of which he answered saying they "would be shipped soon." They finally arrived yesterday, and are beyond perfect, they could easily be confused with NOS items. So he is still in business, just very, very, very slow.


(21 May 2008) From Anthony J Scarpelli:

I ordered tailight lenses for my 1956 desoto and 1962 Imperial one year ago from George Laurie. He has not sent them and does not answer my emails. I do not think he is honest.


(21 May 2008) From Jeffrey F Morin:

On January 6, 2008, I ordered and paid for (through pay-pal) a pair of tail light lenses for my 1962 Imperial from George Laurie. Since the initial order and payment, I have had no luck either recieving the lenses or having Mr. Laurie returning e-mail inquiries regarding the status of my order. Mr. Laurie originally stated that he had a lot of back orders and it could be weeks to shipping. It is going on six months. I have no idea what the status of my order is. At this point, I would not recommend this vendor to anyone regardless of quality.


(2 Mar 2006) From Scott Shaffer:

This may be a bit late in coming .. but I've had my 62 Imperial t/l lenses fr George for a year or so ... When I recv'd them I put them side by side w/ a nos one..visually they were the same; outstanding, absolutely magnificent workmanship.... side by side lighting comparison / charicteristics @ nite were indistinguishable fr the nos one... what a treat.


From Gary:

I just wanted to let everyone who is looking for any lenses know about the quality from George Laurie, who has ads posted on our site. My friend Dan, who is restoring a '61 Imperial convertible, ordered a set of tail lenses from George, and the quality was outstanding!!! The pieces were as good as advertised, maybe even better. If you are looking for any lenses these are worth the price. George even re-mounted the lenses in the chrome rings, and they look as good as new. The turn-around was very quick, even though George is in Australia. I will order my '62 lenses and dome lens from George, and I know that it will a wise investment.


From Laurie:

Yesterday I received my last Christmas present - a set of tail light lenses for my '59 Crown (The Pink Lady) from George Laurie.

They are beautiful! We have the originals, but they are cracked and held together with black electricians tape. The new one are really red! I'm very eager to see them on the car, but as we have a foot of snow and the poor thing is only a white lump in the back yard, that will have to wait until spring.

From Mick:

Just like to tell the list, I just received new lenses off of George Laurie. The back up lenses are very good quality and fit 1958 type different to '57. I have got the new interior light lense with the crown on it. I was amazed how much different colour when its new. So the new one looks alot lighter then the old one. As well I got the crown insert that go in the hub caps. Haven't fitted those yet because I need to do up the spinner. The colours are gold, black, white and chrome. Also I got the front parkers which are just as good as the back.

These have made just great finishing touch to the restoration of my '58.


From Larry:

I have recently bought a set of rear taillights from George and if I had the choice of NOS or George's - I would take George's. They are truly excellent. He is also finishing up on other pieces for me. If you need a lense or badge from whatever year vehicle and he doesn't have it, just send it to him and he will make a perfect reproduction.


From Henry:

George's work is outstanding and the fact that he remakes what we Mopar folks need makes restoring one easier. For example, the reflectors that sit on the top of the '60 Imperials(within the stainless trim piece) are now available. A usable, reasonably good looking used ones are just about impossible to find, I did a '60 a few years ago and managed to get a pretty good set from Lowell, but what I could find for my current one was not nearly as presentable so I am very, very appreciative that George makes them. Just allows a higher quality resto.

Anyway, I won't go on but each item George has sent has been excellent.








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