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From Paul:


I have done business with HydroElectric in the past. They are good, but a little bit pricey, depending on what you are used to.


From Michael:

In 1984 when my father had all the soft parts of a 62 Crown Convertible redone, the top's hydraulic pump was replaced by the upholstery shop with one that was provided by Hydro-E-Lectric, in Auburn, Mass.  I know that the purchase was unremarkable (nothing bad happened!), and that the pump still works today, with very little exercise since 1984. I know they didn't rebuild our unit, but I don't know whether the one they supplied was rebuilt or brand new.


From Steve:

I have had good success with a Florida company called Hydro-E-Lectric. They repair window motors and also carry steel replacements for the pot metal gears in the power vents.


From Jeffrey:

I bought a colonial grain convertible top with a real glass window from Hydro-Electric last year. Great fit but window is slightly smaller than original glass and also slightly more money.  It is fixed in the top...not zippered in.


From Greg:

They have a variety of kits to rebuild your convertible top pump. They also have technical reps. you may speak with who may be able to tell you what is wrong with your pump and how to repair it. There is no charge for this service. I would imagine they would have a new pump to replace yours should that be necessary. They helped me a great deal with the pump on my '66 Eldorado and now it operates perfectly. Give them a call and see if they aren't able to help you with your pump problem.

From Bob:

I also use Hydro-e-lectric.

There are other sources -- they are all about the same price and I have had good service from Hydro.







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