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From Chris H.:

Great quality stuff from Imperial Services.


(26 July 2004) From John M.:

I've also purchased the transmission mount from Imperial Services and that's also fine!


(29 Sep 2007) From Ken Miller:

I ordered a transmission control cable on June 5th, 2007, paid for it via PayPal that day but didn't receive it until September 18th, 15 weeks later. There was never even one communication issued from Imperial Services although Steve would respond to the emails I sent him after a few days. Many excuses were given as to why the cable had not been shipped and I have no idea if they were true or not. How nice it would have been, however, for them to just let me know what was going on instead of requiring me sending so many messages to them for status. It's simple customer service, guys! By the way, the cable is very well made but for $180.00 + shipping, I would expect it to be.


(7 Nov 2007) From Michael Dabrowski:

Though I am not a member (have a Plym) I am hopeful that someone who knows Steve at Imperial Services would be able to help resolve my situation. I placed an order for motor mounts back in April and was told they would be ready in 2weeks. I am now at the six month mark and still no mounts. Contacted Steve multiple times (also got to talk to Baby- according to Steve it is her real name) including an in person chat with him at the ChryslerAll-Nationals inCarlisle back in early July. Again to be ready in 2weeks once he got back from July shows. Did a snail mail and email asking for status at the start of August. I indicated at the same time that if the mounts were not to be ready within a month,I would like a refund. Sad to say I have heard nothing since. Yes,I know there are shows but it is now November. Again, would appreciate it if someone could help get this resolved one way or another.












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