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From John:

Ordered a stainless steel main gas line for 55 Pontiac Starchief. The line they sent does not fit my car. Repeated e mails and phone calls and basically I am told there is nothing they can do because "our line is correct". I have confirmed with 6 other 1955 Pontiac owners that the line IN LINE TUBE sent is wrong.

Either they sent me the wrong product or their computer is wrong but the line is of no use to me.

Have sent them numerous photos showing the problem with their line but they do not care.
They are not helpful nor do they care about their customers needs. So I am out $100 and have no gas line.


From Dave Van Buren (24 Dec 2005):

Got the Correct SS Brake Hose set for my 62 Imperial in 27 Hours after Ordering it! Sizes, Fittings & Lenghts Look OK. not installed yet. Expensive. But Parts Look Very Top Fit, Finish & Quality.
Signed Dave V.
(38 Years as Tool & Die Maker at Chrysler, Most of it a Trenton Engine Plant. That's Why I Can Say "Your Car My Engine". The Home of all "B" & RB" Engine.)


From JP (25 Dec 2007):

Very BAD experience. They made a mistake and blamed it on me. Refused to make it right. Bad attitude and extremely RUDE. Would not even send Saddam Hussien to Inline Tube!


From Richard Woodside (30 Sep 2013):

Ordered a complete set for one of my 1961 Cadillacs. Nothing would fit. Compared their parts with all five of my 1961 Cadillacs to confirm that their parts are wrong. I got every excuse in the book, with the classic goal of making it so frustrating that you will give up trying to return their useless merchandise. Even threatening to sue them had no effect. A complete scam if ever there was one. Don't be another sucker -- stay away from Inline Tube.





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