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From Henry:

Jeff Carter (JC Auto Restorations) does heater control valves. He's in Seattle. He also does electro-luminescence repair and gauge repair. Fine, upright guy.


(28 Feb 2003) From Steve:

Just got the instrument cluster (speedometer & gauges), clock and radio for my '63 convertible back from Jeff Carter of JC Auto Restoration in Seattle, and I must say everything looks magnificent. He restored and calibrated all the mechanical parts and restored the Electroluminescent illumination, and I can't wait to get it all installed.

I highly recommend him for gauge and Electroluminescence repair; however, as has been mentioned on the IML before, his time estimates for the repairs are WAY understated. But he does do fabulous work.


(19 Mar 2008) From Pat:

JC Auto doesn't return phone calls!! Very Un Customer friendly. For the past 4 weeks I've called in to ask for parts. The young lady which answers the phone takes my message and says she will have someone call me back. I never hear anything.

I then am able to track down parts else where. I have not been able to to find certain parts for the Car, but do know JC auto carry's them. I got one guy one day and he said he'd get back to me about prices and he never returned my call. Today I call them and the same lady answers the phone. Yet again she states she that no one is there and they will have to return my call. She takes my number again and I finally had enough of this stuff. I told her she has the worst customer relations in history. She never apologized for then not calling me back. Yet she made an excuse that their company is so small and they have many messages. She stated she'd put me on her Top Priority List and have someone call me back ASAP. Well that was yesterday and yet again they did not call me back.

This place bites! They claim to be the best place to get parts, but why the heck don't they return calls. They don't even return emails!! The shop in which I took my car even tried to call them and they never returned their calls either. They say they can fix motors and other parts of cars. I would be afraid to send anything to these people. Very Poor Customer Service and who knows since you can't get anyone to return your calls they might even lose your parts. Not worth my time anymore. I first bought from them a long time ago and the owners would very polite, but once they hired these new workers they do not get back with you. Beware of this company...

(29 May 2009) From Donn Reese:

Last October JC Auto Restoration refurbished the instrument cluster and speedometer in my 1960 Custom. They did a fantastic job of recalibrating the instruments and replacing burned out components where needed.

Their work on the electroluminescent dash lighting was outstanding, all the gauges and pointers light up like new now. The E/L power pack they supplied was rebuilt with better components that should be far less susceptible to burning out. There work on rebuilding my light switch was also top notch.

Just recently, while doing some other work in the dash I seem to have allowed a large power surge to run through those repaired instruments. I thought I had fried one or two of them - none of the gauges were working properly. This happened just two weeks before the car was scheduled to go on an 800 mile round trip tour.

I spoke with Buzz at JC and he very graciously promised to jump right on the job as soon as I could get the instruments to him. I overnighted the instrument cluster and in about four hours after he received them, they were calling to say my gauges were ready to ship back.

Fortunately the gauges were only knocked out of calibration. However, JC Auto Restoration's willingness to apply the extra effort for someone in a bit of a pinch was wonderful.

When I first took my instruments to JC Auto in 2008 I delivered them personally as part of a trip I was taking to the Seattle area. I was then able to visit their shop and meet some of the people there, including Buzz. They are all very friendly and knowledgeable and their shop is loaded with great NOS parts and advertising - very fun to look over.

If you need instrument, speedometer, and switch repair they are the place to go and especially if you have the E/L dash lighting system - they know their stuff with that. They also offer several other services and parts...check them out.


(5 Mar 2013) From Clark Cummings:

Jeff and Buzz did a fabulous job on my '62 window motors, clock, speedometer cluster, and EL panels. We had a warranty issue that cropped up. Jeff was happy to allow for the repair under warranty despite the 2-year plus time span since the work had been done. Kudos to their entire team. I would highly recommend JC Auto Restoration.










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