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Marlo Moss wrote: (18 Sep 2004)

Purchased NOS coded keys and cylinder for 1960 Corvette from Joe Jesser in August 2012 at Corvette's of Carlisle. Paid $275 for the Cylinder and Joe was to send it in 30 days. Waited 6 months, cylinder was replacement type not NOS. Joe said he can smooth down ridges and would resend it back. In Feb. 2015, after more than 2 years of correspondence, Joe indicated the correct cylinder was an additional $75, sent payment. On March 9th, at 8 AM sent email to Joe indicating to forget the cylinder and refund amount paid. More than 2 hours later Joe indicated it was already sent, and 30 minutes later provided USPS tracking details, where it was shown not turned over to USPS for another 2 hours. Joe left voice message to refuse package and would refund money. Refused package, USPS web site indicates returned to Joe, he is claiming never received. Will not submit a claim to USPS if indeed he never received. I am out $350 to this dishonest individual. He is not a professional, but a cheat, someone you should not consider for your next project. Have less of a headache and aggravation. Go to a competitor, better off. Ashamed to see Joe is a member of NCRS. NCRS prides themselves in integrity and has full understanding of the loyalty to hobby.


Peter Q. wrote:

Has the product, but not the time to deliver. Sent the door cylinder lock in the 1st of July, 2004 for a new key to be cut. I had called and asked if they could perform this service. The response was affirmative. I called in the middle of August informing that I was losing parking and asked if a key could be cut.The lady answering the phone is very pleasant, but when I lost the parking and had to hot wire the car. It's now the middle of September and still no key. I suppose if you have lots of time and can afford to patiently wait Jesser may be the answer for you. If you have any sort of a timetable, forget Jesser.


















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