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From Wayne:

I had my dash pad redone by Just Dashes - and while the end result is a 100% improvement from the original, I am not 100% satisfied with the end result.

First off Just Dashes advertises that they reproduce the correct grain pattern, however, for 64-66 Imperials, they do not. The grain pattern that they supply is correct for a 63 Imperial, but it is too coarse for the 64-66 Imperial.

The dash pad was also about 3/8" too big in all dimensions. This may have been due to the fact that that it was reproduced from a dash pad that had shrunk too small - and therefore the "restored" dimensions had to be estimated. But it was not an easy task to install due to the dimension differences - and it really shows up on the part of the dash that curves around the instrument cluster.

Before I bought the pad from Just Dashes - I had seen a reproduced pad from Just Dashes installed on a friend's car. My friend's Just Dashes dash pad suffered from the same defects as mine. So I knew what I was getting into. I bought anyway, because an imperfect reproduced pad was still a 100% improvement over my original.


From Henry:

Some say they are great but not me. Received poor, poor, response to my inquiries about a 60 Dash Pad several years ago. I used Dash Specialists with good results.

I know Just Dashes is used by many, but I had a unpleasant experience years ago with them. I found Dash Specialists. They did a beautiful job on the dash of my first '60 Imperial and on the current one. My partner just received the redone dash for his 61 and it is excellent $650 plus shipping. Beautifully and carefully packed and received today, took less than three months.

Try 'em if you get tired of Just Dashes or just as an alternative. I recommend Dash Specialists highly.

(27 Jul 2004) From Mel:

I am completely restoring my 1959 LeBaron and had the dash redone by Just Dashes. It was returned to me last Friday (June 18/04). My first impression is very good. They appear to have done an excellent job. They also padded the horn ring. Yes they are expensive. Expect to pay something north of $1000 (and they only do the padding).


(26 Jul 2013) From Larry Russell:

I Sent my dash out to Just Dashes to be rebuilt, after many weeks it was returned, almost $1000.00 into this dash, now have it installed and when the sun shines on it there two large bubbles that form on the top of it. I need to keep a towel or some type of cover on it all the time when it's outside. They won't return an E Mail , don't send your parts there you get CRAP back.
















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