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Ron S. wrote:

Give Keisler Automotive a try. They have been reproducing Mopar lenses for years and really know their stuff.


Aaron B. wrote:

This comment applies to the authors experience installing a Keisler "kit" 5-speed into a customers 1967 Barracuda Formula S only. Similar A-Body platforms ('67-'75 Dart, Valiant, etc.) should experience similar problems. Keisler has a good product, however, their parts availability, customer support and vagueness of instruction make you think twice about doing business with them. While installing a their TKO-500 into a '67 Barracuda, I discovered many inconsistencies and omissions from the "instructions" or more appropriate, "general ideas". There was no indication in the paperwork or in discussion with Keisler that the center of the torsion bar crossmember had to be removed, redesigned for clearence and replaced. Had the customer been previous aware of the structural modifications necessary, he would have returned the "kit" and asked for a refund rather than cut up his car. ***This is not an installation that can be completed correctly and soundly in a driveway on jackstands in a weekend!*** If you are considering this option, please do your self a favor and look at a car that has already been convereted and see if it is what you want before laying down your money. Their are other options.














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