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(5 Mar 2008) Dan Richardson wrote:

My minor order for 2 ignition/door keys and 2 trunk keys was handled in an extremely professional manner. I discussed with George, at Keybits Lock and Key, the application of his 1973 Newport keys to my 1965 300L. He shipped them promptly, and the ignition/door keys slid into the locks correctly. While George did not have listed on his website the right trunk key, he did find some that would work. He promptly reshipped them and they now also work fine.

I can't say enough about George's communication and service for my whopping $16 order. He responded right away to all 10+ e-mails I had sent, asking questions, confirming things, and then trying a different solution for the trunk keys. Things could not have been handled any better - I just wish I needed more keys!














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