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Roger I. wrote:

I've just about completed the installation of a new wiring harness in my '62 Crown. I got it from Greg Leggatt. I found his ad in the WPC news and contacted him. I thought his price was high and knew nothing of him, but I saw he's listed as a source on one of the 300 club's sites and that gave me some confidence. I am impressed by the quality of his work as everywhere there is a socket, he installed a new bulb. Everywhere there is a screw terminal, he wired on a new screw. Everything is labelled with it's destination, and so far, no problems with installing it. All I need to do now is plug in the instrument cluster that took a year and a half (!!!!) to get back from Jeff Carter, and I'll know if it all works. I had a major melt-down in the main feed to the ammeter that led me to replace the original harness.


Bob Kinker wrote:

I found Greg's ad on the IML web site. I have just finished installing the wiring harness he made for me, and I was impressed with his work. Fit like a glove, and looks GREAT! Thanks Greg!

All connections were labled, and instruction sheets were provided.








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