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From Stuart:


I know someone that had the chrome done for his 65 Chevy. done at this shop & was very satisfied with the results.


From April Bobbish:


My father in law sent his tailgate to this shop for chrome plating and has gotten a horrible run around. He was originally told it would take 2 weeks in February 2005 and it is now May 2005 and they are still saying with every call (if they even answer the phone) that it will ship in a day or two. We have been told that since Feb. also Don (an employee) has told us that they have sent it back 4 or 5 times because of mistakes or flaws, how he doesn't know exactly how many times is beyond me? He should know if it was 4 or 5 and why can't they get it right? ALso, they charged my father in laws credit card way before the date agreed without authorization. It was to be charged with the last installment at time of completetion they charged it at the end of March and well it's May and it's still not done! I would be leary of using this shop.


From Dennis:

They keep my parts for over a year and refuse to finish them. I already paid them. Now I don't know how to get my parts back! Avoid.


From Chris Englehardt:

I sent a part to be chromed, they told me 60 days, now it has been 6 months, they will not send it back unless I pay them $650, and the part is not done, they are not capable of finishing. This is a one year part for a 66 Chevy II. Now it is show season and I can't show my car. Will get a lawyer and sue I guess. Don called my wife and got nasty with her.


From Larry:

NuChrome has absolutely horrendous service. It has taken over 1 year to get my parts back. My parts were sent back 3 times due to poor quality of rechroming. I finally got them back Spring 2006 and they were still not acceptable. I was afriad if I sent them back one more time I would never see them again. Don is a very rude employee and has obviously never gone to customer service school. I will never do business with them again.


From Gary:

Avoid These guys at all cost. I had the front end of my 64 Riviera replated by them and had the rear chrome done by a place in Waltham MA. Nu-Chrome promised the pitts in the pot metal would be repaired but at a high cost. Also promised to deliver in 6 weeks. Six months later the parts are finished. I pick them up and find all pot metal parts that I paid a premium for repair and replating were plated without repair. looked horrible. They agreed to replate it and another 7 months of fighting with them they gave me back the same mess claiming they fixed it. Now 4 years later all the front chrome is faded and needing replating while the rear looks new still. (car is indoors all the time). Watch out!!! These guys are more than missleading.


From Mike:

Unfortunatly I didnt find this in time. They are two months late with my bumper. It looking like a lost cause ........ AVOID at all costs!!!!!!!


From Gina:

We are also having many problems with Nu-Chrome. They have already charged our credit card for the full amount and we have nothing to show for it. Every week we get the same excuses. They have told us every lie in the book. We just want our stuff back and want to amicably settle the financial end of the deal. Does anyone have any advice for us? If so, please let me know.


From Dave:

Jack at Nu Chrome is a real nice guy but he just can't seem to tell you the truth and the company has MANY problems. Using Nu Chrome was a grave mistake. The only way to get your parts back is to threaten flying out there and picking them up yourself. I sent them "un-replaceable" trim from a very expensive car (1970 Dodge Challenger Convertible) and was charged an extra fee for a fast turn job. My credit card was charged in full including shipping before the job was ever completed. The job was 4 months late and I was never refunded for the extra fee. But after the run around I count myself lucky for ever seeing my trim again. However, the trim is ruined as Nu Chrome didn't restore the trim but actually "chromed over old paint" leaving the trim unusable. My entire experience with Nu Chrome has been a debacle !!! Do yourself a favor and find another shop.


From Mike:

I am in the middle of the same kind of issues. Deducted from my credit card without authorization, won't respond. Still don't have my parts back! I will be getting a lawyer involved and will get this resolved. BEWARE!!


From Morgan Duffy:

I sent my rear bumper for my '68 Camaro and paid in advance for "show chrome", $1200. In about 2 months time it came back to me. It was the worst chrome job I have ever seen including pits in plain view. Far from "show chrome". I brought the bumper back to Jack from NuChrome up in NH at the Amherst swap meet. He took a look at it, apologized and took the bumper promising that they would redue the work. After 8 months of chasing and phone calls (which were never returned) I contacted my credit card company and filed a complaint to get my money back. After another 2 months the credit card company sided with me and credited my card. I was still out my original bumper and kept calling and calling to no avail. Then, out of the blue,about a year after I dropped the bumper off, it was sent back to me in the same condition as when I dropped it off. Not even touched. Stay as far away from NuChrome as you can. They suck.


From Jim:

I gave them a rare set of 1937 Dodge Hubcaps at 2006 spring Carlisle. I paid for half of the job with the remainder to be paid on completion. Took the second half of the money, no hubcaps. Luckily I had a warrantee on the credit card, but no hub caps. I complained to Carlisle but they don't care. They got their money.


From Gina:

We finally had to send the Fall River PD with a notarized letter to get our parts back. When we got the parts back, they were not the "show quality" my husband was assured they were. Nu-Chrome lied and ruined one of the bumpers beyond repair. It was a heartbreaking and costly experience to crate and ship these parts and not get any results. Yep, we had unauthorized charges on our credit card as well and disputed them. Later I found out that Nu-Chrome has an "unsatisfatory" record with the Better Business Bureau, Fall River PD has (at last count) four complaints they're investigating. Nu-Chrome was banished from advertising in Hemmings and the Ohio, Massachusetts, Texas & California State Attorney Generals all have cases pending. The problem is that since they're not an immediate threat to public safety, the cases are all at the bottom of the pile. We talked to a guy who pickets in front of Nu-Chrome's booth at car shows warning people not to do business with them. I think the only thing we can do is warn others through clubs, blogs and word of mouth.


From Tom S:

These people are the worst. I was quoted $325 for a rear bumper & charged $1200. 6-8 week turn around - NOW 6 months - no bumper! Yup, they took my money too! The worst company I've dealt with ever! Tom S


From James Hudock:

I sent my aluminum pieces to Nu-Chrome to be reanodzed. I striped the original anodizing myself and polished the pieces to a mirror shine. All they had to do was to re-anodize them. It took over five months only to get them back in an un-acceptable condition. I shipped them back and three monts later they came back still lousy. I'm screwed!!!


(23 June 2007) From Scott:

Sent 4 parts in from my motorcycle in Dec 2006. They charged my credit card for the 2nd half in Feb. Its June 07 and still no parts. Do they ever run out of excuses?? Wish I would have read this site before i sent them in! Stay away from this company!


(8 August 2007) From Jeff:

Forget these guys!!! You will be sorry if you do business with them.I have part there for 6 months for repair that they told me would take 1 week!They lie, do poor work, and are just nasty guys to do business with.They also charge the most for hard to Chrome parts and when you want a refund you find they have it in there records as the cheapest part! that way you get back less then they charged you!! Stay away and send somewhere else.One of the reveiws say Jack is nice guy that can not tell the truth, well that is very true but good guys don't lie to you!!!


(8 August 2007) From Gina:

It is too bad that more people are still having bad experiences with Nu-Chrome. The only way there to protect other people from a similar fate is for them to be punished by law. If you a problem, call Detective Tom Chace at the Fall River Police Department. He will push for the DA to get involved if he gets enough people who have been ripped-off.


(29 Sep 2007) From Jay:

Nu-Chrome is horrible. I gave a bumper directly to Jack at Carlisle for my 1972 Monte Carlo for a job to shave the bumper bolts and rechrome (along with a $400.00 deposit). I shipped them my nearly perfect front bumper as well as all four guards and all of the front and rear brackets for fitment during the shaving process. The rear bumper I bought at Carlisle because mine had a slight bend in it and the one in Carlisle was in very nice condition. After six weeks I called them and they said they weren't done yet, but call again in about a month or they would call when they were finished. I called every month for a year and the parts still weren't finished. Many phone calls and excuses later they finally told me that they don't have my info in their system and they can't find my bumpers, guards or brackets. They said to give them time, they would find them because they have never thrown out anyones stuff or sold anyones stuff. I say that's bull. They never came up with the bumpers, guards, or brackets. They probably lost anything identifying the parts as mine, rechromed them and sold them. Although it sounds like they would have done a poor job rechroming them anyway. After about five years.. that's right, I said years, they finally agreed to pay me back the money they owe me for my deposit and the replacement of my items. They initially said they would find replacements, but never have. Don is the owner of the company, by the way. He says they are in a cash crunch right now (go figure) and he'll have to pay me in two installments. I have a funny feeling I am not going to see any money from them unless I sue.


(24 Oct 2007) From John G:

nu-chrome sucks i gave them my moldings in oct of 2006 hear it is oct 2007 and i still don't have my moldings back yet,will i ever see my moldings in this lifetime? ps.they don't anser e-mails,phone calls,or letters,I turned them in to the bbb,I just don't know what to do,anyone that can help me get my moldings back please e-mail me at


(7 Nov 2007) From Gina:

John G. - I hope you can get your parts back. Call Detective Tom Chace at the Fall River Police Department. He'll send someone with you to get your parts. He's aware that Nu-Chrome is horrible. So I'd suggest getting your parts back yourself. I wouldn't put it past Nu-Chrome to leave town in the middle of the night leaving their "customers" stranded. I think they are in over their heads and don't have any business or organizational skills. I also think they are robbing Peter to pay Paul, so to speak.


(20 Dec 2007) From John G:

STAY AWAY FROM NU-CHROME,they had my moldings for a year,I had to call the police on them to get them back,will never do business with them again!


(13 Mar 2008) From Tom DeSousa:

If I only saw these reviews earlier. Sent a few items from my Harley to have rechromed in early December, 3 months later I'm still waiting.. After a few e-mails 3 weeks ago I was told the parts are almost done. Still waiting! Of course they cashed my check immediately!


(15 Mar 2008) From Gerry:

After reading all above, I've decided to take a long trip in the near future to Nu-Chrome and pick up my "done" parts since I haven't been able to make recent contact via phone or email to get them shipped. Before I do, can anyone confirm they are still open for business M-F, 8-5?


(15 Mar 2008) From Pete:

oh man im screwed. i sent all my eddie trotta stuff, of course one off stuff there now all this. what can i do? this is crazy. im in deep now. has $2800 of my stuff. im going to call police monday 3/17/08. i think we should all do this. im also going to call credit card to get money back. this is such crap that they havent been shut down. give me a call people and ill see what i can do. pete 609-839-5275


(12 Apr 2008) From Lynn:

$450 cash up front to chrome a 1957 cadillac center bumper piece - nearly 5 months later not completed-finally had to go to the shop with the police to pick up my bumper which wasn't done --I'm out $450 - guess I'm lucky just to get the piece back -


(17 Apr 2008) From Tom D.:

Well it's been another month with no word on my parts! I must say they did return my e mail only to say that I need to call them and guess what? No answer.. Pete have you heard anything about your Trotta parts?


(22 Apr 2008) From Bill Baird:

I too sent a ton of stuff from a motorcycle restoration project to Nu-Chrome. That was early February. By mid March and many calls to them, most of them intercepted by their voice mail and never answered I came upon this site. My heart sank!

I called Detective Chace as was suggested. He told me that I was one of many but there was a new guy at Nu-Chrome named Scott who was trying to get things together. Chase called Scott and Scott actually called me. After profound apologies and an explanation that he (Scott) would personally shepherd my project through in one week I had a dim glimmer of hope.

Well folks it did take about a month more and four phone calls from me but my stuff is back.

I have to give credit where credit is due. The quality is superb. Even a fuss-pot like me can see that they really can do first rate work if properly motivated.

Maybe they are turning around, maybe it was a one shot deal and I got lucky. I am thrilled with what I got but would I go back to them? Not just no but HELL NO. Any business that needs motivation by a Major Crimes Detective to do the right thing is not in my Rol-Dex of suppliers.

Anyone wanting confirmation or discussion can call me. 941-270-7528.


(25 Apr 2008) From Jay:

Update: Still no money or word from Nu-Chrome. I guess I will have to call the police there or sue them. Lynn, I would try to get my money back. If you have a receipt for the deposit, they owe it to you.


(25 Apr 2008) From Pete:

pete here again. i did get my stuff back. only after calling the police. if you have things there please call the police and talk to dective chase. he will get your stuff back. also i did talk to scott and i think hes full of it too.


(1 May 2008) From Tom D:

This has become an ongoing saga.. Called Nu-chrome on Monday April 28th and someone actually answered the phone.. John was his name. He explained that my parts were almost finished, had to rechrome a part that bubble up in a few spots..I heard this around 2 months ago. Any way can someone give me Detective Chaces' phone number so I can put an end to this once and for all.


(2 May 2008) From Tom D:

This is Tom again, I actually heard from Scott after my last post. He called me to apologize for the delay and promised to send me back my parts that have been finished so far. Imagine my surprise when I got home tonight and they were at my front door. He told me that the other part is giving them trouble and if they can't rechrome it they will return it to me and refund part of my money.. I'm in shock I thought I would never see the parts again..I will keep you informed.


(9 May 2008) From Tom D:

Tom again, Scott called again to apologize and to inform me that it was done and being shipped, well I received my last part. I must say that the work done was outstanding! just too bad that it was such an aggravating experience. Thank God it's over!


(13 Jun 2008) From SW:

All the same stories and lies as everyone else here: Mis-quoted. Charged card in full and still don't have my parts. No return calls. Multiple ship dates promised, but always a problem with bubbling or something. That's what I get for trying to keep the business local. Guess I should have done some research first. Looks like I will be calling the police too.


(30 Jun 2008) From Tom:

Unfortunately, I had a bumper for my 67 Ford rechromed there. This is the WORST company & experience that I have ever experienced in my lifetime! First they quote a price for $400, keep my parts for 4 months, then, requoted the job @ over $900, charged my credit card - then you wait, wait, & wait! Yes my bumper arrived, 7 months later, dent free with a nice finish. Now the real problem started. - This was not my bumper - It did not fit my car! They mixed them up! They quoted 6 weeks - It took almost 9 months for the real bumper to arrive. I'm actually suprised that I got it back!


(11 Aug 2008) From Rock Sangiacomo:

They never return a call,i have talked with everyone there,don,scott and the best Jack,they always have an excuse,once they even told me thay were closed for vacation,infact i have all the times and dates i called,just another lie. Could someone give me Detective Tom Chace telephone number ?


(18 Aug 2008) From NuChrome Restoration:

Nu-Chrome has been under new management since late March 2008. Since that time there have been 11 new posts on this site from 8 members. Two posted favorable comments, while 6 customers expressed their dissatisfaction with our performance. 5 out of those 6 jobs were taken in under old management leaving us with little to no information as to what needed to be done or how their job was to be handled. That leaves 1 out of 529 jobs that have had an unsatisfactory experience since the management change. Rocks job consisted of 2 bars and 2 die cast (pot or white metal) pieces that fall under the category below.

The majority of die cast pieces we receive for re-plating are pitted to an extent that cannot be fully realized until the pieces have been stripped down to the base metal. Only then can one see the true surface conditions. The process we employ is actually several processes coordinated together and done repetitively as follows. After stripping, the parts are grinded and polished, plated in copper, then the pitting is filled with or solder, or brazed. It is re-grinded and re-polished to a mirror finish, and back in for another layer of copper. The copper is then checked for any remaining surface issues, and either back for more rounds of solder fill/ copper plating or it proceeds for the final nickel and chrome plate. They are QCd every step of the way, then for a final time before wrapping. It is not uncommon for parts to have nickel shadow, which are the area not covers by chromes poor throw (its ability to go around corners, in groves, etc.), or similarly to have black areas on the bottom of bumpers or on the edges of tanks, because that is where the electricity is the weakest, making the charge in the chrome inconsistent. Parts with such issues would need to be chrome stripped, leaving the copper and nickel but have to be re-polished for final plating.

One major challenge is, even if they have been repaired, they continue to off gas while being plated and even after they have been inspected, wrapped and shipped. How does one warranty something like that? You cant. Thats why 99 percent of platers wont touch die-cast parts leaving your one off or extremely rare parts in their current condition. As stated above, we are under new management and are working diligently to resolve issues stated in previous posts. Thank you for your patience while we continue to move forward in this area.


(6 Feb 2009) From Robert F Brown:



(29 Jun 2009) From John:

1970 Road Runner rear bumper. Bumper was rechromed by them about 3 years ago. Just getting around to intalling it. Bumber was very straight to start with so chrome was all they had to do. I got a good look at it and its terrible. There are all kind of waves in it and tiny pin holes in the chrome finish. Its my fault for not really looking at it when I first got it back. Company booth was at English Town during a swap meet. Sales booth and truck was very clean and they get a A in presentation and sales. On a scale of 1-10 1 being the worst I give the bumper a 6. Charged credit card right away.... bad sign and bumper was given back to all wet. It was stored in the back pick up truck and it had rained. Maybe that was on purpuse to hide the lousy job. I have to get it rechromed its that bad. The quality was driver not a show car. Maybe we car guys need to get more in writting. Not show quality I get my money back.i Over the last 10 years of my experience with vendors of all kinds, very few really come through with either products are services. Ninety percent are just in to for the money. The message needs to get out on this guy, NuChrome. Stay Away!!!!


(23 Sep 2009) From Jay:

I was promised numerous times by Don that he was sending a check to pay me my money. It never came. The last time he even pretended he was writing out the check for part of the money while he was talking to me. I contacted Det. Chace and he told me if I hadn't received my check by last Friday, he would pay Mr. Kemp a visit to remind him he could be charged with larceny if he doesn't pay up. I haven't heard from Det. Chace yet, but hopefully this will soon be resolved by the arrival of a certified check. I can't wait to wash my hands of ever dealing with this company.


(26 Nov 2009) From Jay:

I finally got my money from Nu-Chrome. I had to send Det. Chace out to them twice. The first time they wrote a check right in front of him and then didn't send it. He went back again and this time they wrote the check, photocopied it for the detective and put it in an envelope with postage and gave it to Detective Chace to put into the mail personally. I still didn't trust a check written on the company account, so I called the bank it was drawn on and made sure they had enough money to cover it and that they hadn't put a stop payment on it. It was okay. So I deposited it yesterday. I am so relieved to be done with this and will never have any dealings with them and tell people to steer clear of them whenever possible.

I spoke with a man named Harry this time at Nu-Chrome. He said they could refuse to pay this because it had been so long. I informed him that they were the reson it was drug out so long and Don kept promising to make it right. If tey say they will make it right, the time for the stsute of limitations hasn't started yet. It wasn't like I called them out of the blue and wanted my money ten years later. I hounded them for ten years to get it.


(13 Jan 2010) From Glenn Pedro:

i found nu chrome at hersey pa swap meet last oct 09. i was given what i thought a fair price to do some chrome on my 30 chevy. i was told it would take about 4 to 8 weeks. well it took about 12 weeks but my parts came out great. after reading all the bad reviews here. i thought i`d never see my parts again but it turned out ok. only time will tell if my parts hold up. but as right now they look great.


(14 Apr 2010) From Al:

I have sent my parts back several times. drove out to pick drop off and pick them up. 4 hours each way since the first time was slow and a few parts needed to be replated. I have been told for months now my parts will be done by the end of the week. no calls not done yet. one excuse after another. the work is not acceptable. everytime the parts come back with more grind marks and flaws. I told them I want my parts by the end of the week or I will come get them as is. I will contact the credit card company if I can't resovle with Nu-Chrome first then police department.


(6 May 2010) From Thomas Chace:

This is Detective Tom Chace from the Fall River Police Dept. how is everybody doing. My number is 508-324-2796 ext 250


(1 Jun 2010) From Dave Keller:

Around the year 2002 I sent nu-chrome a very rare moulding for my 69 AMX. I called THEM every month to check up on this piece. They told me a year later it was done but needed some stud repair........EIGHT YEARS LATER STILL NO PART AND THEY TOOK MONEY DEPOSIT NEVER RETURNED ANYTHING JACK???????????????????????????????


(6 Jun 2010) From Mark Gliniewicz:

This is has been my worst experience yet since I bought an old truck a few years ago. They are the worst company in America!I am out 400.00+ don't have my parts and get get a straight answer if they answer the phone. They don't return emails and constantly lie about the status of my order. I am taking a trip to Fall River and will leave with my Parts. I am also going to file for a chargeback with Visa. Thanks for the info with the PD as I am going there first. I have been since Feb 2 2010 to get two small parts chromed. Came back with Bubbles first time. Can't imagine working in this place with so many unhappy people calling all the time.


(8 Sep 2010) From Tom Johnson:

I thought that I'd add my $.02. I called them a month ago to get a rough quote and timeframe. I then sent them parts to chrome almost 4 weeks ago and didn't hear a peep from them since. I ran across this board as well as some others. Luckily, I live in Mass so I drove to their facility in Fall River around 2PM today and was able to pick up my parts. The gentleman who helped me was a nice guy but said that he's really busy. He even suggested that I put the parts on my car, then hit a junk yard and get the similar parts to send him because it will take a long time. What really got me was the facility. There was only one car in the lot and only two people in the office. I saw no work being done whatsoever and almost every light was off on the factory floor. Nobody was there. I saw tons of parts lying around. Some rusted, others chromed, some that look like they just arrived. Almost all gathering dust. My parts had been unboxed but left to gather dust on a table along with a bunch of other new arrival parts. Based on the other reviews and what I saw today, unless it was a holiday - there was no work being performed whatsoever. Maybe at one time it was a bustling business and shop floor but today It looked and felt like a ghost town. I can't say if they are still doing work there. If any of you still have parts there and are capable of driving to their shop, I'd recommend doing so and picking up your parts, based on what I saw today and the numerous negative reviews posted.


(20 Dec 2010) From Bill:

I just picked up my parts today (trim to be straightened, polished and re anodized). After looking at them at the shop, I brought to the attention of the gentleman there that some of the anodizing was already spotty and cloudy. Furthermore that in areas the parts looked as if they were sand blasted to remove the anodizing. He stated that it was due to the chemical that is used to strip the anodizing. He did offer to do the parts again but that would require them to be stripped again and may result in further pitting of the metal from the process and there was no guarentee they would look any better but possibly worse. I myself cut my losses and settled my bill and took my parts. I will not use them again.


(20 Dec 2010) From Ron Wallace:

Sent in some 40 year old tricycle parts to be rechromed. They promised me they would be done for xmas.I quickly paid in full They have had the parts since mid Oct 2010. Not only do I not have the parts he lost them!!I can not replace them easily and have to tell my Inlaws I lost there 40 year old tricyclr parts. Don gave me an attitude and hung up on me good business men!!! Do not use Nu chrome they are shady!


(21 Dec 2010) From Jim Jordan:

Haz Benz Inc. had a front bumper from a 1971 280se coupe W111 Mercedes returned to Nu-Chrome to re-straighten as it had waves in the front of both halves. Now a year has passed since New-Chrome was paid $860.00 for a complete restoration ... Pictures were taken, on site of a rusted out rear bumper that is not my bumper. What has happened here? "Bait and switch" my good bumper? Is this a pattern of deception used by this company? Now after insisting my bumper(that now is a rear and not a front) is rusted out in places and needs extensive repair,Jack (who takes customer service calls)Refused to discuss the situation further on December 21,2010 when he disconnected my call!


(4 Jan 2011) From Ron Wallace:

Update finally received my parts. chrome looks good but not all parts were in the box will update you if they make good on the whole job. Most stressful company I have ever dealt with!


(14 Aug 2011) From James Limbaugh:

Do not take anything to new chrome. I sent up parts to them for my camaro before I found any reviews about the company and when I did I had a heart attack with all the bad experices. So I made up a excuse and told them the day after I sent them up to fall river that I cant have the moldings done right now. Don said he would send them back, then two weeks went by he said they were on vacation. Then I sent more emails and he gave me jacks number and his sons Mark's number. Nothing. More excuses and even Don emailed me and told me they were done which he went and said he had to change the chemicals blah blah. So I called up and left a message stating I would go to the police and I would come up their. So after a month of just trying to get them back I recivied them the very next day.Im happy they are back and I shined them up the best I could and I am going to put them on the camaro when I get it back from paint I now trust no one with them.


(26 Jan 2012) From Brandon Pard:

OMG! Horrible expeirience! Lies lies and more lies.. I was told 6-8 weeks tops for two rare bumbers they lied for almost 7 months telling me the same crap they tell other everyone,"next week" everyone i spoke to could care less about the costomer. After $2000 and all of june, july, aug, sep, oct, nov, dec, and jan I finally get them with marks and mistakes. they did offer to take care of it in the next week or two but i had heard that for the last time...I chalked it up to a loss...
I do want to say that i would not be so unhappy if someone just once had said "we are really sorry this has been taking so long instead of being rude


(29 Jan 2012) From Joe Galinda:

dont send anything to them they are to rip you off and you will never se your parts, avoid at all cost. AVOID AT ALL COST.........


(30 May 2012) From Tom Weaver:

i wish i had found this site before i sent some antique door covers to be chromed.they have had my parts for 4 months. he keeps promising me that they will be rady in 2-3 days. no such luck.i guess im going to fly up there and confront them face to face!


(16 Sep 2012) From Kostas Louk:

I gave them some Buick GS bumpers & other chrome pieces and was told it would take 6-8 weeks, from refusing some pieces that came out bad and needed to be redone I ended up taking back a front bumper that came out good and some other odd and ends but still have 1/2 of my parts and now its september,I guess they relocated to a new location in Seakonk,MA


(23 Sep 2012) From Joe Cutler:

It looks as though Nu-Chrome has finally succeeded in putting themselves out of business...unfortunately at the expense of numerous unsuspecting hobbyists. I gave up on these scheisters years ago after they continuously "lost" countless rare Cadillac parts I entrusted them with. I believe the parts went out the back door & were peddled on EBay...have heard reliable rumors to that effect. I had done business with Jack Baker since He was at Astro in the 80's & regarded Him as a "friend". When the crap finally hit the fan & I removed everything they hadn't managed to "lose", my "friend" Jack turned on his heels & slunk away with his tail between his legs....spineless, to say the least. I've been helping them ever since to go under...been spreading the word far & wide, & continue to do so....STAY AWAY FROM THIS OUTFIT...YOU'LL BE VERY SORRY if you foolishly choose to deal with them!


(28 Sep 2012) From Matt Pero:

I sent NU-Chrome some very rare parts to be chromed for my 1938 Plymouth truck. IT has been at least 4 months I have lost track. I'm getting the same run around. I have been told the operation is not up and running yet because they moved and what is my hurry the truck is not my daily driver? I'm done with the bullshit and I'm going to contact my lawyer MONDAY OCT 1st 2012 to see what I can do. If it is legal I will be heading down to there shop within the next two weeks to confront these folks cops in tow. I live in WESTERN MA about 2 1/2 hours away so if anyone would like to make the trip PLEASE LET ME KNOW. THANKS MATT my E-mail is


(29 Sep 2012) From Kevin Powers:

I handed Nu-Chrome sales rep. Jack Baker two 19" 36 spokes, 1951 rims off a Harley Davidson "Hummer" and a check for $400. I was told it would take a month.... Two months later Jack Baker handed me a 19" and a 18" 40 spoke rims....Long story short....months of BS later, complained to BBB and they failed to respond, I filed small claims and am waiting for my court date I'll take wagers that they don't even show up in court and will refuse to honor the judgement


(6 Oct 2012) From Allen Fownes:

I wish I had read these reviews first! - two bumperettes for my 67 Imp were shipped from Bob Hoffmeister to these guys several months ago, and many, many emails are not being returned by this 'Don' character- thank God I didnt send the rear bumper centre piece to them! If you find two bumperettes in a box from Imperial Heaven, they are mine!


(19 Dec 2012) From Jason Wilcox:

same story with me, non-existant rocker panel moldings for my 71 barracuda , can't get my parts or get a hold of anybody, they cashed my check. We should all go there at the same time


(9 Jan 2013) From Donald Harper Jr:

I sent this company a couple of trim pices to have rechromed in Nov of 2012. I sent them a $180.00 deposit along with my parts. They phoned me on December 12th to tell me they were finished and I need to send the balance of $180.00 to get my parts. Well I sent them the check and they cashed it on th 18th of Dec 2012. Now here it is January 9th and no parts. I have tried calling and E-mailing and I get no answer. I turned them into the BBB and found 24 other claims against them...


(21 Jan 2013) From Karl King:

brought bumpers for car to them in october of 2012 paid 1600.00 in full same answer done in two weeks or no answer


(22 Jan 2013) From Karl King:

1/9/2013 from karl met with andy at nu-chrome to day finaly started on bumpers ther up and running full force now best bet for action is to call andy at nu-chrome to get any thing done.


(25 Jan 2013) From Ron Siers:

Wish I had found this site last summer before I had any dealings with Nu-Chrome! I sent 64 Chev bumpers to them July 2012 with guarantee they would be completed by first of Sept. No bumpers by end of Aug. so I had them return bumpers. Luckily they sent them back, but no $500 deposit. Same old story on getting my deposit back - excuses, lies, more excuses, more lies from Don! Turned them in to Capt. Mace of Seekonk PD, he talked to Don and Don lied to him saying "check was in the mail". Just about 5 months later and still no deposit check! Recommend to all to contact Seekonk PD and let them know of your dealings and to file a complaint with the MA Attorney General's Office! Businesses like this need to be shut down!!


(19 Feb 2013) From Jim Bob:

To all those SCREWED by NU CHROME, you MUST file a complaint with the Massachusetts Attorney General to get the HELP YOU NEED. New Bedford 105 William Street, First Floor New Bedford, MA 02740-6257 Telephone: (508) 990-9700 Fax: (508) 990-8686 PLEASE CALL THE NEW BEDFORD OFFICE to have a complaint FORM MAILED TO YOU. AS WELL, Mailing your CHECK and NU CHROME not returning PARTS nor CASH is MAIL FRAUD. NU CHROME emailing parts are finished , that they will be mailed is WIRE FRAUD as well. YOUR Local FBI office may be of some help as well.


(28 Feb 2013) From Todd Briggs:

Do NOT send these guys your parts. I've been waiting 6 months. I call every 2 weeks and for three months, they tell me "next week"! I was dumb and paid in advance because they called and said it was ready in December. Nice on the phone, but they are apparently stretched too thin. I saw an article that they owe years of back taxes.


(12 Apr 2013) From Nicholas Perrini:

to anybody,DO NOT send any parts or money to nu-chrome,you will not see any of it again!!!


(23 Apr 2013) From Jason Wilcox:

DONS HOME # IS(508) 748-2024 MARKS CELL # IS (774) 473-0081


(29 Apr 2013) From Emory Knode:

I got screwed by new chrome also... set parts have gotten the same runaround as everyone else. I will file a complaint with the ma. attourney genneral us postal servace for mail fraud ect.. However I will also be making a road trip to get by parts back from them and hang them up by there thumbs... Is there any one else interisted in making a road trip with me. Please contact me @ I will be travling up 95 from Baltimore with a van and would love to have other pissed off people at new-chrome ride with me and get there rare parts back. Justice will be sirved!!! emory


(30 Apr 2013) From Martin Njoroge:

I am a customer from Syria. I shipped some chrome parts for my Mercedes for restoration in Septeber 2012. Up until now, I have not received the parts and Mr. donald Kemp wouldnt take my calls. I have written numerous emails to the company to no avail. I paid in advance and now I know I have been cheated. It was a grave mistake dealing with these people.Any advise? I just want my parts back.


(8 May 2013) From Randy Sherman:

Screwed by nu chrome same story as everyone else. Here is Dons cell # 508 789 7545 Mark his son cell# 774 473 0081


(24 May 2013) From Christopher Flynn:

Same as everyone on here I am fairly local and have taken the one hr. ride about 10 times now I had my bumper in my hands one time and should have just left with it but couldnt get my depo back. For the last month I hav gone at least once a week and nobody is there looking in it appears nothing has moved. I have called every day one no answer or call back,I think they may be closed down. There are hundreds of parts in there. I just want my bumper back, I will follow the advice on here and file a complaint


(7 Jun 2013) From Alan Briggs:

do NOT send these guys anything I hired a PI to go after my stuff so 5 C notes later, I have it back.


(8 Jun 2013) From Armand Lafleur:

dropped off the front and rear bumpers to my 56 ford victoria october 2012 with a dep of 600. after many calls went to pick up my parts done or not,there were not could not get my money back would be in the mail.contacted the neorthwest D.A. office action is pending not holding my hand you know.Outfit should be shut. armand


(12 Jun 2013) From David Grooms Jr:

I haven't been waiting like a lot of you. Just a bit over a month now, But I was told there was a 6 to 8 week backlog and when I mentioned I was sending a check for 100 percent of the cost(so that I didn't have to wait another week for it to get there and clear), I was told by Don he would skip me to the front of the line. Ever since the day he said he got my check and they would be starting, ALL contact has been ignored. I filed with the bbb, Seekonk police department and attorney general. I need help!


(26 Jun 2013) From Peter Louloudis:

I sent my motorcycle license plate frame to Nu-Chrome to be refinished on January 2012. They contacted me to pay $150, which I paid by check because they did not accept credit cards, and they told me it would take 6 months. It is June of 2013 and my story is the same as everybody else's. No part, no refund and a lot of unanswered phone calls. I finally spoke to Don and he told me that they had lost the screws to the frame and they had no time to replace them. I asked him to return the part or a refund and he declined. He replied that the conversation ended there and he hung up on me. I contacted the Seekonk, MA Police Department and I am going to file a complaint with the Office of the Mass. Attorney General.


(18 Jul 2013) From Harry Schrot:

I , ALSO have been scammed...........$475 and parts for my 1972 Slickcraft..... To the guy that hired the PI......PLEASE get me his contact info. I am contacting the MA Atty General tomorrow


(24 Jul 2013) From Harry Schrot:

Regarding Part recovery: RIPRIVATEDETECTIVES.COM (email address) Henry Roy has gotten parts from NU Chrome in the past. He is 15 minutes from Seekonk MA. I personally think that the Kemps believe that they are running a business.........But I think that they do not know how to make it work. It's not so easy that a cave man can do it...LOL


(27 Jul 2013) From John Dean:

DO NOT SEND NUCHROME YOUR MONEY OR AUTO PARTS! My story is the same as everyone else, except nothing was done and I paid $1,350.00! They buffed the aluminum with no chroming at all. I went through the Attorney General's office for assistance. The final thought was to pick up the parts. I drove from Kansas City, MO area. That is around 3, 000 miles round trip and five days of room and board. I stopped at the Seekonk Police Department to have an officer escort me onto the property. This step is strongly recommended. Good luck to everyone that is still struggling with this company.


(13 Aug 2013) From Patrick Burgeson:

I'm in the same boat as everybody. I'm willing to pay someone that is near Nu-Chrome to go get the grille to my 66 Impala & ship it back to me. 512-771-1827


(20 Aug 2013) From Rick Johnson:

Sent parts and half payment in March 2013. Now August and they won't return calls or e-mails. Probably out my parts and money! Do not use Nu-Chrome!


(28 Aug 2013) From Per Olsson:

I sent moldings for my 1959 Chevy to be re-anodized to them in March (this year) 8-12 weeks estimated lead time. Deposit 100 USD, So far nothing, no reply to my e-mail and they are not answering phone calls. Is there anyone out there who has a good experience from them ?


(15 Sep 2013) From Glen Larson:

How can we put a stop to them, they have had my parts for 11 months, I found these reviews 2 months after they stopped returning my calls. they got me for $1800. The local PD doesnt care, im working on the FBI mail fraud now. Apparently the city forclosed on their previous property, how is this man not in jail?!


(20 Sep 2013) From Henry Roy:

To all still having a problem with NU-Chrome, I am a private investigator licensed in MA and RI, and I have been successful getting items back for many of you. I have established a relationship with the owner's son, who has been very cooperative. I can be reached at


(21 Sep 2013) From Mark Thornton:

I too have been taken, Don has 1200.00 of my money and Extreamly valuable parts. I sent him parts June 2013 along with 1200.00 for a Quick turnaround . No all I get is his answering machine.. I just hired a local guy to go get my parts.. I pray he did not touch them as from what I read he is a butcher,,Too bad they don't have a rating below BAD.


(21 Sep 2013) From Dick Casper:

they have had my parts for my 30 chevy for two years plus my deposit and now they say they cant locate any of it,i have turned this over to the states attorneys office.


(3 Oct 2013) From Ray Gendreau:

I have parts there myself and it is like pulling teeth to get them! I am local to Nu-Chrome and am willing to bust their balls about your parts. I am sure I won't be able to get your money back but maybe...just maybe I can get your parts. Feel free to email me direct. I think your invoice number and first and last name would be helpful.


(16 Oct 2013) From Nan Hill:

We too have been taken. Non-replacable parts have not been returned to us and the money is gone. Police department says they will escort people to the business. That is it. Police and state attorney know of the many cases. Someone flew in yesterday from California and they went home with nothing. What an operation! 60 minutes


(16 Nov 2013) From Glen Larson:

UPDATE!!!!!!!!! Listen guys Henery Roy PI is the man to help. My money was taken a year ago. my parts promised and not delivered. Nu Chrome has your parts, its a matter of finding them and getting them back. My parts were returned to me chromed. I will say that the work appears to be decent, its not the best I have seen buts is better than the mexico stuff that floats around. contact him at .... do not give up. These guys were mad when Henery picked up my parts, probably becase I began the process of reporting them to the FBI for mail fraud. You can give them a bad rating on Google, the Better Buisness Beauru, it may protect some other innocent consumer. Best of luck to all, If my chrome starts to flake or peal or blemish like my last chrome job ill let you all know.


(9 Dec 2013) From Frank Hirsch:

For two years I am waiting for my 54 Ford Panel Truck Grill to be rechomed and returned to me with two door handles. Two years and now they don't answer the phone, respond to emails or letters. As of Jan 1, 2014 I am filing against them in court.


(26 Jul 2014) From Bruce Hazelton:

Nu-Chrome is bankrupt! You have until July 31 to get your parts out of there. Call the landlord to set up an appointment,Tom Clark 508-336-6610. A new plater is taking over and seems like prices will be sky high to finish your part if left there and probably will become his property if not claimed.


(18 Mar 2015) From Dan Schlagler:

I had front and rear bumpers restored by nu-chrome in 2008. I drove 6 hours to drop them off and jack was as nice as could be. gave me a tour of the very dark and dirty shop. my bumpers were in poor shape. needing patches and fabricating as one bumper was rotted badly. jack told me 3 months. I started calling after 2 months to remind him I will be there to pick them up at the agreed date. day before I had to pick them up, jack called to let me know everything was good to go. I guess I got lucky. or the fact that I showed up let them know that I would be back. to this day, my bumpers look better than new.











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