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From Charles Pitt, President Power BrakeExchange (6 Nov 2011):

We do about 300 of the 1955--1961 chry product a year. We make all of the cup used in the brake booster and most of the hard parts, we have very little trouble with them, most of the trouble is with the new fluid they sell silicone ect..not with the rubber. On displacment cylinders it swell away from the shaft and the petal will drop. I know that if all mechanic and owners work together with us we fix any problem that you have. On another note I have been working in the company for 53 years and and sell about 3000 unit a month. The major amount sold to large auto parts supplers. My phone number is 562 806 6661 ask for charles sr. if you have any question


From Tim Klein (24 Feb 2012):

Charles was very knowledgeable and forthcoming regarding my '67's ailing power brake booster. He wasn't in a hurry, and he offered me three different options for rebuild/replacement. I've placed an order with him.


From Don Stratton (7 Aug 2013):

'62 Imperial convertible disabled due to bad experience with another vendor. Booster Dewey fixed me up, walked me through the do-it-yourself installation and even devised a test to help me diagnose exactly what component in the system was the culprit. It turned out to be the brand new booster from somebody else. Fast, priced-right, helpful. A plus from me; use with confidence. My car is back on the road after an 8 year hiatus!!!!

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