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From Chip Phelps:

They usually have the best prices (Yes including shipping) but have excellent customer service too.

I buy my high end brake Rotors and Pads from them and save $150.00 or more each time!


From Rich (21 Sep 2006):

this guys ROCK literally i saved over $30 on my most recent purchase from them and consistantly save money with every order. did have one boo boo when they shipped me the wrong shocks last year in a order but they were quick to remedy it. so far excellent to deal with


From Kenneth Land (15 July 2007):

I am extremely frustrated with RockAuto. I ordered two sets of brake pads. Initially I was told shipping was $7.00. I changed my order to another brand of brake pads, then without being told, my shipping went to 12.00 because they were being shipped from two locations. RockAuto did refund the $5 difference. On the new brake pads I ordered, they were advertised with a $20 rebate on each line item. After I ordered and they were shipped, I find out there is a limit of one rebate, and was not told that up front. I tried to resolve this with RockAuto,and they were very polite, but would not honor the $20 rebate that was shown on their website, but would only offer a $10 in store coupon. I am still trying to resolve this as I was relying on their expertise to guide my shopping experience. I think they are going to let this $20 loose them two customers, and any others who may share the same experience. One suggestion they made was for me to contact their vendor. I think that should be their responsibility. I am very frustrated. Hopefully, others have not had this experience.


From Tim (29 Apr 2008):

I ordered a fuel pump for my vehicle, due to a vehicle manufacture change, it did not fit. I promptly returned the pump following the instructions provided. after several email RockAuto refuses to refund my shipping cost. I had to pay for the pump to be shipped to me and to return it. Not customer Service friendly... I will not be doing business with this company in the furture.


From Jahon (31 January 2010):

What I like in online shopping is you can always find the parts you need at the price lot cheaper than Autozone or Advance Auto parts. I needed NGK wireset for spark plugs for my corolla and couldnt find in none of the retailer stores. They always have the their "own" brand parts which suck and thats why i decided to look for it online. I tried and Im very satisfied with my purchase. Rockauto offers a lot of choice and prices are a way cheaper than those retailers. No more I shop in retailer stores because rockauto rocks!


From Don Hop (16 Jul 2010):

example: cabin air filter and engine air filter for a 96 rialta rockauto $10.39 for the cabin air filter & $7.57 shipping Air filter $17.26 + another $7.66 shipping. Rockauto total for the 2 filters shipped from 2 different locations (and arrive on 2 different unknown dates) to your door $42.88 Same 2 filters at shipped to your door and will arrive together in 2-3 days ---- $42.25 Rock auto is not cheaper than even !!! If you do call in an order to rockauto, make sure you ask if all the items are shipping from one place or will you have to pay multiple shipping charges because they are drop shipping your parts from all over the country! I recently phoned in an order of 4 monroe shocks. Rockautos parts price was a few dollars cheaper than competitors BUT...(I found out later) they drop ship from all over the country SO I don't get my parts all at once AND I have to pay multiple shipping charges. I wasn't told this on the phone though. They don't actually have the parts on hand. They just find them for you and havethem drop shipped to your address AND they stick you with higher than usual shipping costs from multiple locations. They don't tell you on the phone that you're paying for shipping from multiple locationsnd that your parts won't arrive all at once. It's really unfair the way they do business. Even though the other companies parts price might be slightly more expensive than rockautos price, You will ultimately end up paying less and get your parts all together by shopping elsewhere. Getting your parts all together is BIG because most times you need all your new parts on hand so you can install them in one day. Had I known all this... I could have gone with another company, gotten all my parts delivered together and paid only one shipping charge.


From John Byrne (26 Apr 2012):

A perfect parts buying experience. First class service for parts for my old trucks.


From Dietrich Orris (5 Sep 2012):

Unfortunately, I seem to be the only person who has experienced something negative with this company. I will tell you my story in hopes that there may be another person who has experienced something negative with RockAuto. I ordered a set of calipers from this company back in May. The initial set had one caliper that appeared to work and one that did not. To be honest I did NONE of the work myself and had my mecahnic, who has ALWAYS been on point in the past, do the brakes. Well, after exchanging the calipers with a replacement set the same problem occurred. Unfortunately, the last order was outside of their 30 return policy and they flat out refused a refund although the parts were defective. I initially spoke with "Tim" but became too frustrated after talking in circles that I had to disconnect. Mind you, that I tried remaining polite the entire time. After I disconnected, my wife tried calling since I was clearly too aggravated to be civil and tried to reason with them. Sh e spoke with Jim Taylor, the PRESIDENT of the company! Unfortunately, Jim was less than accomodating although it is his company. I listened to my wife speak with him and she never lost her composure. After trying, in vain, to get a refund, Jim apparently grew annoyed, claimed he had a meeting to attend and hung up on her while she was in mid sentence. This occurred 05 September 2012 at approximately 3:30PM-ish. I feel as though RockAuto has no intention of keeping my business even though they came highly recommended and have great reviews. I really don't see why my wife and myself were treated with such disrespect, but I can assure you that I will tell share our experience with anybody who will listen.


From J.G. Tennyson (17 Jun 2016):

Purchased rebuilt calipers for '68 Imperial but no pads available from Rock Auto and no way to contact them other than on-line to get answers. Did not realize brake shops will not install new calipers w/o new pads so I'm SOL. Old pads are deemed unusable. Rock Auto was recommended by a friend who was able to get pads 2 years ago - but apparently no longer available - so calipers are unusable as is the car.
















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