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From John:

I have used Tri-States Plating in either Elizabethton or Johnson City, TN. I was very impressed with the work and felt the price very good for such good quality.

From Rich W.:

Tri-City is good. I've seen their work on many cars.


From John A.:

I also have ussed Tri City and have been very pleased with quality and price. It is still not cheap, but the quality is very good. A few years back I compared their prices to a Calif/Mexico concern many on IML were using and Tri City was cheaper. It was too late for me that time as the parts had already gone to CA. Lots of time and shipping dollars went to redone pieces from Mexico that were fairly average at best, even after shipping back a second time to be redone again. Now, I just ship to Tri City and let them do it.


From Jim Spencer:

Rechromed bumpers on a 67 Coronet R/T, including some straightening, with excellent results. Soon to send them bumpers and bumperettes from my 68 Imperial convertible. Lifetime guarantee.


From Ed Stevenson (20 Jan 2007):

i have bought bumpers from tricity for my aar cuda and wifes 69 barracuda vert and am very pleased.


From John Price Jr. (4 Dec 2010):

I have used Tri-city Plating for both of my bumpers and have had them now for 6 yrs. Still look like the day I received them. Thanks for all your great work!


From Tom Griffith (15 Sep 2012):

I took my '75 Chrysler and a friend's '68 Triumph bumpers to Thi-City and expected a long wait. I was surprised when they called 2 weeks later and informed me that all were ready. These are beautifully chromed and add so much to the car. I have won praise and trophys with their work. I took them in early winter and had a fantastic turn around. Great job, guys and I will send all who ask to you.


From Chris Perry (25 Mar 2013):

I used Tricity Plating for my 1962 impala 3 piece bumpers and they did an amazing job. Chrome and fit were perfect!!


From Manson Myles (28 Sep 2015):

Had Bumpers on my 69 Road Runner done a few years back. They still look new. I would recommend these guys with out a doubt. Over all experience ( Excellent!)


From Ed Stuczko (10 Feb 2016):

Try-City Plating did a GREAT job on my 64 Olds Cutlass bumper. Fast turn around time and a good price. I will do business with them again.


From Bobby Marlowe (28 Jun 2016):

I have used tri city five times.they do a very good job at a fair price.going to send them my bumper,s off my 1968 corvette next week. ,fat boy.














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