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John P. wrote:

I ordered a pair of '66 300 lenses and got them reasonably quick. The molding was not clean and when asked they responded that they knew and told me to throw them out as another set would be coming. That was 6 months ago. I finally faxed them with a promise of exposing them to the Mopar community and recieved 1 of 4 pieces. This one was even worse, with bad edges and bubbles in the plastic. I didn't throw the others away so maybe I can do something with them but I shouldn't have to for this kind of dough. I'm disgusted and feel like I've been had like dealing with another well known rip off who has been talked about
here. So watch out folks...

I left several messages over the past 6 months and got no response from him. The original lenses came and all the edges were rough and chewed up indicating a problem with extraction from the mold, the right rear being the worse. Looking at the surface of the lenses, you can see that the mold was wavy on the flat surfaces. I called and they acknowledged the problems and did say they would send out another set asap and I should just throw these away (that's what they thought of the set they sent to me). I was satisfied by the phone call and proceded to wait for them to repair the molds. 6 mths, several phone messsages with no response. I did fax him with the warning about exposure to the Mopar community and lo and behold a right rear corner lense turns up 4 days later, worse than the others. He calls this perfect, bubbles in the plastic and edges that are chunked off broken, god only knows what he rejects. I didn't bother calling back as it seemed to be a waste of my time to reach him as before, so I just chawked it up with the 300 bucks to another one of THOSE people who I won't recommend. If he is customer orientated, than an answering machine shouldn't be used as a buffer zone to ignore people who have paid for merchandise and are not happy campers.

The '66 300 lenses are not a simple piece as you know, and with what I know about molds he is into it for some dough. 300 bucks for a set is right up there, so if he can charge it, he should deliver a good product period. Several people complaining all at once should prove something, especially as we are the customers...

Richard wrote:

I ordered and received tail light lenses for my '62 Chrysler 300 that were beautiful. These are very difficult to find and they were shipped quickly at a reasonable price.

Just thought I'd offer a positive experience with these guys.


Richard M. wrote:

OK, so far all I'm out is a cracked taillight lens. I sent him two whole lenses for models. He kept them five months, did nothing. So I asked for my lenses back. He returned them, but packed them so poorly one was broken in two. He then apologized and promised me free lenses from the ones he was making using NOS models he had obtained. That was months ago, still nothing. Doesn't answer calls. But I see his ads and announcements everywhere that he has them and others, so I'm mystified.








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