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Jan wrote:

I used White Post and am completely happy. They said they manufacture their own rubber parts with a high plastic content and will guarantee it to last forever. I had it rebuilt with NOS parts maybe 10 years ago and it lasted for about 5 years. I did the White Post one about 5 years ago and it is working perfectly.

Randy wrote:

Both David Frye and I have had the brake booster/mastercylinder units rebuilt on our '55 Imperials by White Post Restorations in White Post, VA. They are known as the best in brake cylinder rebuilding and give a lifetime warranty. If my memory is correct the total cost was about $455. With the brakes being what I perceive as the weakest link in these cars, I considered it money well spent to preserve my investment (and my safety). The'55 brakes are a one year only design and are often not well understood by otherwise capable mechanics.


Ted B. wrote:

I have a '55 Imperial. Got my master cylinders done by White Post Restorations in Virginia. They did a fine job of resleeving and restoring at a reasonable price though I've forgotten the exact amount.


(2 Mar 2006) Chuck wrote:

I used Whitepost to do my 4-piston calipers and master cylinder on my '65 Mustang HiPo. System wouldn't hold pressure overnight. Called and received the "you must have done someting wrong". They were no help and said that I voided the "lifetime warranty" by using dot 5 silicon fluid. We disassembled the master and found that the forward check valve was missing. We purchased a new rebuild kit from our local auto shop and rebuild the master correctly. System now works fine. I won't use WhitePost again.


(31 Jan 2010) Bob Hickey wrote:

I had White Post rebuild all 4 wheel clyinders on my clasic Chrysler product.First they charged me more than quoted by saying the front clyinders were step clyinders.The service manual says there not.3 of them leaked at the bleeders as soon as I installed them.I sent them back,When they returned the cups were now leaking after bleedig them,Isent them back a third time ,one came back nicked @ the surface where the copper washer mates to the clyinder,it now leaked there. At each time I called to say there was a problem I was sarcasticly told "I could use a good mechanic" .I will never use them again. Bob


(23 Mar 2010) Matt wrote:

Just received my rebuilt wheel cylinders for my Land Rover Defender. A buddy of mine told me White Post rebuilds cylinders better than new for $80. So I took his word for it and didn't think to call and get a quote. They charged me $120 a piece! I can get a brand new genuine Land Rover cylinder for $80 or an aftermarket one for $35. They also claimed the bleeder threads on one cylinder were bad (they were fine when I sent it out) and charged another $65 for a repair bleeder kit. So I was very upset before I even got them. But I tried to be positive and think of these as a good upgrade. So I just tried putting them on today and there was a gouge in the threads for the brake line rendering it useless. I am beyond furious! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY! Billy was also very rude on the phone when my dad called questioning the bleeder repair kit.


(15 Dec 2015) Jack Chiprean wrote:

Thanks to White Post, The antique aircraft master cylinders for my Stinson are working great. Back in those days they used auto parts a lot.


(30 Jan 2016) Jan Wegrzyn wrote:

Recently after getting a quot on rebulding my brakes to 1952 Mercedes 300 Master cylinder x 1 $225 Wheel cilinders $85 x 6 $510 Relining brake shoes $50 x 4 $200 Total: $935 I should pay with shipping $950 Shipping from Florida to White Post VA, USPS $13,70 Now - before you ship any thing to this people, ask questions, because i did send my parts and up on reciving my parts they did call me and want me to pay $1005, I tried to lower my bill to $1000 it was only five dollars less, but no the owner told me I need to pay $1005, so I ask him to put everything back to the box and just send it back to Florida. (I assure him that I will pay for the shipping). He told me that I need call USPS and they will pick up. He was positive that I do not have choice and I will pay the $5. Well what I did, I call my friend in Manassas Va, (45 mils distance) and ask him to go there and pick up my brake parts because they don't want to send it back. That is the story that happend to me. White Post Restoration did the same work four years ago for a different car that we restored, (they do not have record of that) and I was happy with the work, this time I'am dissapointed and i will never let them do the work for me again. I'am writing this just to show what could happend to you if you dont get the total price before you send your staff to this business. :(

























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