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From Bill:

I just had to have my brake booster replaced on my '66. Booster Dewey in Portland, OR did the rebuild. I also had a booster replaced on my '60 a few years ago by them as well. Just another option. My mechanic had my car from Monday thru Friday which included removal, shipping to & fro and reinstall. If interested, they are listed in every Hemmings issue. Total cost including mechanic labor (more than the part itself at $110.00) and shipping charges was under $300.00.

From Ken (4 Aug 2004):

Dewey is a great guy and a straight shooter. Use him with confidence.

From John L Chesnutt (18 Jun 2009):

He rebuilt my 1957 300C Booster in August 2003 which was the original one I took off the car in 1971. He did a nice job and was very helpful. We live in Portland, OR where his shop is. It is a two man operation


From Norm Frey (24 Jan 2011):

Booster Dewey Did a FANTASTIC job on my friends 63 t bird booster & VERRRRRRY resonable These guys are GREAT!!!!!!





















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