Diagnosis and Repair of Your Condition-Aire Gas Heater

Model 800: 1956 Imperials and earlier


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Figure 17 - Model 800 Heater Installed



b. Installation

Refer to Figure 18.  Inspect the thermostat as-
sembly and thermostat helix coil guard for dis
attaching screws.

Viewing the thermostat from micro-switch end, connect green wire to the upper terminal and white wire to the lower terminal (Fig. 19). Carefully insert helix coil portion of thermostat into heater housing (cable clip up) and install retaining screws. Install control cable, but do not tighten screw. Move temperature control (on instrument panel) to the fully open position. Move thermostat control linkage downward to fully open position and tighten swivel

NOTE: When thermostat cable is properly installed, the temperature control level should move the thermostat linkage from one extreme to the other, without interference with the cable housing.


Refer to Figure 18. Disconnect the two wires at front end of heater (Fig. 19). Remove the three screws holding the upper half of heater case. Raise front end of heater case. Disconnect and remove spark plug wire and grommet from lower half of case. Disconnect the wires from ignition unit.

NOTE: The ignition unit is sealed and serviced as
an assembly only.  If inspection or tests indicate unit
to be faulty, replace the assembly.


Install ignition unit assembly on fender shield. Connect wiring harness at ignition unit and heater case (Fig. 19). Connect spark plug wire to spark plug, insert grommet in lower half of case, and install upper half of case and attaching screws.

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