Diagnosis and Repair of Your Condition-Aire  Gas Heater

Model 800: 1956 Imperials and earlier



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b. Installation


Inspect relay assembly. Check fuse and replace with a 9-ampere fuse, if necessary. The relay assembly is serviced only as a complete assembly. Install relay and attach the ground wire to the front screw. Connect the wires (Fig. 19).


a. Removal

Disconnect the two wires from terminals at front end of heater assembly. Remove retaining1 screws, and raise the front end of case. Disconnect the two fuel valve wires, and remove spark plus wire and grommet. Remove the case upper half and the fuel line. 

Disconnect heater blower hose with grommet and disengage exhaust pipe. Remove the rubber adapter which connects heating housing (engine side) to heater. Disconnect the two wires at the overheat coil and remove heater body.

b. Installation

Inspect heater case upper and lower halves for distortion, broken welds or other visible damage. Inspect overheat switch (located in upper half of heater case) for broken porcelain, burned or broken wiring, and loose or broken contact.


points. If the wire connections are loose at the overheat switch, correct by soldering. If any of the other conditions exist, replace the overheat switch as follows. Unsolder the white wire at capacitor (condenser), and disengage both wires at cover clip. Remove the two screws, and remove the overheat switch and wire assembly. If the capacitor is to be replaced, unsolder the two wires at the terminal block in cover and remove capacitor. Whenever the overheat switch is replaced, replace the capacitor.

Check rubber coupling hose for visible damage or deterioration. Install heater body lower half. Connect blower motor ground wire, with an external tooth lockwasher between head of screw and wire terminal.

Connect exhaust pipe to heat exchanger tube. Insert heater burner blower hose on burner and exchanger opening. Install spark plug cable on spark plug terminal, positioning cable grommet in lower case. Install fuel line and position grommet in lower case.

Position heater case upper half and connect overheat switch wires (black wire to coil cover terminal and white wire to coil terminal, as shown in Figure 19). Install heater case upper half, and place rubber adapter between blower housing and heater case. Connect two heater wires at heater upper case.



a.a. Removal

Refer to Figure 20. Remove heater upper case, and disconnect and remove the spark plug wire,


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