Diagnosis and Repair of Your Condition-Aire Gas Heater

Model 800: 1956 Imperials and earlier


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control cable and housing through the retainer clip located on the upper portion of the thermostat mounting plate. Insert end of cable

through swivel hole of thermostat linkage, but do not tighten screw. Move temperature control to extreme low heat position; then move

 the  thermostat control linkage in a downward direction as far as it will go. Tighten swivel screw. When thermostat cable is properly in-

stalled, the temperature control should move the thermostat linkage from one extreme to the other without interference from the cable housing.


36. IGNITION UNIT (Fig. 17)


The ignition unit is designed so that internal components can be replaced, thus reducing cost of service on this unit. In event of ignition failure that has been traced to ignition unit, it

will be necessary to determine which component is responsible. This is most easily done by first substituting: a vibrator that is known to be good.  


If the trouble is eliminated, the old vibrator was at  fault.  If substitution of the vibrator fails to correct the difficulty, the ignition coil is probably at fault. Capacitor failure will usually lead to failure of the vibrator through pitting of the points and new capacitors should always be installed when the vibrator is changed. Failure of a capacitor may also be indicated by noise in car radio. To gain access to the ignition unit components, remove three mounting screws and remove the clips through which the

screws were installed. The cover of the unit can be removed for servicing of components.  Figure 18 shows the complete wiring diagram

of the gas heater.


The MOPAR Instant Heat Conditionaire is especially designed to simplify service procedures and requires no periodic service or inspection except a check at start of heating season to make sure that all wires are properly connected to ignition unit and heater case.

The burner blower and fuel pump assembly is lubricated at the factory for the life of the equipment and no attempt should be make to lubricate this unit in the field.


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