Diagnosis and Repair of Your Gas Condition-Aire Heater

Model 801: 1957 Imperials and later


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The Mopar Instant Heat Conditionaire consists of five main subassemblies as follows: Burner Blower and Fuel Pump, Heater Assembly, Ventilating Air Blower, Thermostat, and Ignition Unit.
For summer operation, there is one ventilator door provided, which directs fresh air from cowl vent opening to bottom of driver compartment. Two drain tubes are provided in bottom of air duct below ventilator door in case water does come in through vent.
For winter operation, turn blower on. The
fresh air flows downward heater case, heat exchanger, blower, duct door and distributor duct. Temperature control is provided by a lever on the instrument panel which opens the duct door on the right side of the car to admit air to the distribution duct. As the lever is moved towards warmer, the control cable moves the thermostat to demand more heat.
Defrosting is provided by heated air flowing from distribution duct to defroster outlet on top of instrument panel. The damper in the distributor duct divides the heated air to defroster outlet or floor as desired.


ASSEMBLY (Figs. 14 and 15)

a. Removal
Disconnect fuel line from both sides of fuel
pump, remove combustion air hose, disconnect blower ground wire, and blower hot lead from ignition unit. Loosen, but do not remove, the screw in the mounting bracket clamp. The Fuel pump and Blower assembly can be removed by unhooking clamps from mounting bracket.


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