Diagnosis and Repair of Your Condition-Aire  Gas Heater

Model 800: 1956 Imperials and earlier


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Inspect fuel pump for evidence of leakage around pump cover. Tighten the screw securely if leakage is indicated. Inspect the rubber coupling between the fuel pump and motor and replace the coupling if it is worn or too soft.
b. Assembly
No attempt should be made to repair the fuel pump beyond tightening of the cover screws or replacement of damaged fuel fittings. If the pump is defective, replace the entire unit. When removing or replacing the coupling connectors on the fuel pump shaft and motor shaft, remember that both shafts have left-hand threads.
Check blower fan for clearance and freedom of movement. Repair or replace parts as required. When tightening nuts which attach the inner fan housing to motor mounting bracket, try the fan on the motor shaft and tighten nuts so that the rubber grommets will be compressed evenly but not too tightly. Excessive tightening will destroy the effectiveness of the grommets which are designed to reduce noise in the blower.
33. HEATER ASSEMBLY (Figs. 14 and 16)
The heater assembly consists of heater housing, heat exchanger, burner assembly and the shield which surrounds the heat exchanger. The housing of the Model 801 heater is constructed in two plastic sections, one of which is permanently mounted on the engine side of the dash panel. There will seldom be any reason to remove this part of the housing since all operating parts are attached to insulated cover.
a. Removal
Disconnect combustion air hose and fuel line at burner blower assembly. Disconnect two wires from terminal strip on outside of the heater case. Remove exhaust tube clamp and disconnect heater exhaust tube. Remove outlet adapter clamp at outlet of heater. Remove four screws which attach cover of heater case to frame. The cover can now be removed with all heater components attached.
b. Removal
Disconnect the white and black wires from two terminals of the solenoid fuel valve and pull ignition cable off spark plug. Disconnect fuel line from fitting on burner casting. The fuel line and ignition cable should not be removed


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