RCA "Highway Hi-Fi" Installation and Wiring Diagram

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Reproduced from a card found in the trunk of a 1960 Imperial. Applies to 1960 Plymouths with radio model 309, 1961 Plymouth, 1960 and 1961 DeSoto, 1960 Imperial with "Golden Touch" radio, Model 404 (same model radio used in 1961 through 1963 Imperials).

Install-Diagram-1.jpg (23k)

Two (2) metal straps and installing socket are furnished with each unit. Remove radio and install 4-prong socket on lower left side of radio chassis.

Install-Diagram-2.jpg (23k)

Install-Diagram-3.jpg (19k)

Cut lead to high side of volume control. Run wire from pin #4 to high side of volume control. Wire pin #2 to ground or chassis at radio. Wire pin #3 to cold side of radio on/off switch. Mount phono in suitable position under dash as level as possible. Plug phono into socket installed in radio. Phono is ready for operation.

RCA-switch-closeup.jpg (29k)

Place records on spindle, turn on/off switch to on. Start phono by depressing reject switch to start, hold momentarily. To reject record, depress reject switch. All records may be rejected by slightly turning small manual separator knob (manual unload control knob) of record spindle.

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