1981-1983 Imperial A-Pillar Removal

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Tip from Dick:

Removing the A pillar molding is not too difficult, and you do not need to remove the instrument panel. First remove the filler panel that is between the dash pad and the windshield; it is held in by several clips. Either grab into the defroster vents and yank up and back, or use a putty knife or flat blade screwdriver between the panel and the dash pad to pry the panel up. The panel is plastic, so don't yank or pry too hard. There are no screws that hold it in.

Next remove the kick-panels under the dash. The door scuff plates will have to be removed first. The kick-panels are held in by screws, some of which are hidden in the thick carpet.

Once these are out of the way you should be able to pry off the pillar molding. None of these pieces come off without flexing them a good bit. If you are in a cold climate, I would recommend using a hair dryer or some other means of heating them up a little so that they will be more pliable.


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