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Week of February 9, 2003

"The sandman cometh"

I'm developing 'six pack' abs from all this sanding.  Well, maybe it would be more accurate to say that my keg is getting smaller.  Anyway, the point is that this is HARD work.  And boring.

 Feb140004.jpg (82826 bytes)  As Randy described, I started the blocking process on the latest primer.  I sprayed black 'rattle can' primer on as a guide coat.  Lacquer is much better.  Enamel takes a LONG time to dry and never does dry enough to sand off without clogging up the sandpaper.

 Feb140005.jpg (52328 bytes)  It was amazing how quickly the low spots showed up. See the one in the lower middle of the photo?  It sanded out with some more work with the 18" straight line hand sander. 

Feb140003.jpg (103580 bytes) A few final instructions from my Grandson Mason regarding how to get all the problem areas fixed.  He's a wiz! or maybe it's just that he wizzes a lot.....

Feb140006.jpg (51920 bytes) Feb140008.jpg (45140 bytes) 3M makes a product for sealing cracks in drip rails.  I killed any rust in the crack of the drip rail then used this stuff to seal it.

Feb140009.jpg (50736 bytes)  After a lot more work, the panels are looking great.  This is the hood after going to 320 grit.  I had a slight sand through on the back edge and hit just the back with a coat of primer.  I will feather it in and go to the wet sanding cycle with 600 grit.

Still have a lot to do if I'm going to paint next weekend.

Total for the week was 24 hours. 


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