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Question from Mel (1957 - '59):

Would someone please tell me if the rear quarter panels are interchangeable for '57, '58 and '59. That is convertible to convertible, FDHT to FDHT,... (or are some the same such as convertible to 2 door?).


From Brooks:

According to my Hollander Interchange manuals, the answer is "sort of" to "mostly". Here's the scoop:

'57-'58-'59 rear quarters are for the most part interchangeable, as you ask, FDHT to FDHT, CONV to CONV, 2DR HT to 2DR HT, 4DR sedan to 4DR sedan, etc., EXCEPT for the 4-dr sedan. See below. It's also mentioned that this is the outside assembly, less the wheel housing, in most instances. But I don't know if the wheel housings would be different or not.

This additional information is supplied:
2D HT and convertible: the lower side, lower panel is the same for both cars.

4D SEDAN: '57-'58 are the same; '59 is different. However, the lower side, lower panel is the same for all 3 years, and also the same between 4D HT and 4D SEDAN.

From Henry:

I am pretty sure they are the same.

From Arran:

Try an outfit called "Classic Fabrication" they make patch panels for many older cars including Imperials. Their address is .

If you can't find a good body man this will save you the trouble of trying to find a suitable parts car. By the way, from what you describe most of your dash can be fixed through a joint effort between the chrome plater, the body man, and the upholsterer. If not keep your eyes on the classifieds or talk to one of the reccomended part's vendors.

Question from Ben (1968):

I was wondering if the rear quarters off of a '68 2-door Imperial would fit on a '68 4-door Imperial.  The rear quarters on my '68 are rotted out from the rear of the skirt to the chrome tail, up to the bottom row of trim.


From Mark:

If you wanted the whole panel from the bumperette to the rear door I'd say no, because the rear door on a 4 dr. cuts pretty far into the rear quarter. But I think from the middle of the wheel well back it's the same.

From Chris:

I'm assuming that by wheel well you mean the actual area that contains the wheel and tire behind the wheel arch (fender opening). Either way, from the midpoint of the wheel arch back (actually a little further forward), the quarters are the same length. In fact, all standard Imperial models (meaning everything but the Stageway limousines) from 1967 or 1968 are the same length, bumper to bumper.

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