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Question from Dave (1960):

Are windshields being remanufactured for 60-63 Imperials?


From Kenyon:

There are stories and rumors that new ones are being produced in some place like Finland. Local places quote $800 out of a book, but don't really seem to know how to get one. I turned my back on that price and would go to Lowell or Bob for a used one.

They charge $250-400

From Philippe:

Yes you're right! I had several friends who bought Mopar windshields. They are new and "not South American" made ... The seller is Timo Tanskanen and he's located in Ca and in Finland. The CA address is 5885 Jurapa Ave #G, Riverside, CA 92504. Phone: 904 687 6579, fax: 909 687 5963. 

I've seen two of the windshields ('57 Imperial and '59 F*rd), they are awesome and, for the Imperial, the correct "bubble". A friend of mine ordered a windshield for his 300 F at Iowa Glass: very disappointed, not the correct shape, it fit badly and even broke when mounted. An interesting thing for Europeans is that Timo can send from Finland so you can avoid the duty taxes. Price of these items are higher than other (800 $ +) but it's worth it. They are available in tint or non tint.

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