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Question from Mark (1964):

The bolts that hold the body to the frame (at least I presume that is what they are for) seem to be quite rusty. Are these special bolts, and if so is there anywhere that I can get them? I figure as long as I have things to this state I may as well replace them (plus I would hate to have them break when I really need them). Is there anything else that I should replace while I am replacing the bolts?


From Ken:

The bolts should be replaced with stainless steel. Try MrG's in Texas and tell them what you need and they will help you purchase the correct bolts.

From Kenyon:

Your bolts are probably surface rusted? Try bumping them on a wire wheel? Re-assemble whatever you put in there with grease on the threads and they'll be ready for you to swap out again in 50 years and easier to break loose. Mine looked rotten but cleaned up nicely. Since I'm not doing much jumping in the old girl, I doubt that there's a tremendous amount of stress on those bolts if they're all there and tightened evenly.

From Brooks:

Before you start, get a can of Liquid Wrench (not WD-40; good stuff, but wrong application). The brand is Liquid Wrench. You can get it in a spray can. Soak the bolts pretty good (overnite if you can). And then spray 'em again as you begin. Once they loosen a little, if they start to tighten up as you are removing them, screw them back and forth and keep spraying. I got some philllips screws out of my rocker panels the other day this way, and I at first thought I was just going to have to destroy the rocker panel to get them out.

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