Build Sheet and VIN Information For Your Imperial

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Tips from Bill:

Basically, you could find a build sheet whenever an assembly/part is installed in a vehicle: 

Under carpets 

In springs of rear seat back and/or cushion 

In springs of front seat(s) 

Attached to top of glove box (instrument panel assembly) 

Under trunk floor lining

There is no exact location for any particular build sheet, as the sheet may have been tossed or placed in the car. The sheets under the carpet or under the trunk lining landed wherever the sheet was attached to the carpet/lining.

There have been many cases where no build sheets have been located in a car, and while others have found three or four. I found three in my 1972 Dodge Dart while my 1978 Dodge Monaco Brougham had two (one in the trunk) plus the IBM computer card in the glove box.

Tips from Teddy:

The Chrysler Historical Foundation has a lot of information on historic and vintage vehicles, as well as other historic information available.

For a fee, they will provide:

Send your request to:

Chrysler Historical Foundation 

One Chrysler Drive East 

Auburn Hills, MI 


Question from Marty:

I think I need to research my build codes also to find the info I'm looking for. My question now is how do I find my build codes?


From Laurie:

We found them in the engine compartment. I don't know what the part is called, it was to the left, kind of by the radiator. It's three lines, the first line being the VIN. Mel has been helping us decode ours. He's on the IML, I hope he contacts you, too! I'll ask my husband to email you tonight with the exact location of the build codes.

From Tim:

Go to the Chrysler Corp Historical site. You can e-mail them or call them. You give them your VIN and they will pull your build sheet and sent it to you.  I believe it was $35.00 or $40.00 last time I checked..

From John:

Here is the address:

Daimler Chrysler Historical Collection

1 Chrysler Drive

Auburn Hills, Michigan


In the past they send you a form and you fill it out with your vehicle info.

From Charlie:

I don't know if there is a website. I got info for my Imperial by writing to them at: 

Chrysler Historical Collection 

CIMS 410-11-21 

12501 Chrysler Freeway 

Detroit, MI 


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