How To Detail Your Imperial's Engine Compartment


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Question from Paul (1955):

What type of paint is used on the frame and inside the engine compartment? Flat, semi or gloss black?


From Terry:

You are not going to like this answer but the correct original paint is radiator paint which is basically tar. It will shine when first put on if thinned and sprayed correctly but will then dull as cleaned.

First found this out on my 49 and 50 Chryslers. You will find that gasoline will remove the paint that is originally there. I get mine by the gallon at local radiator shop!

From John:

If you go to your auto paint store and ask for some stuff called "refinisher's Black", that is the correct stuff. I know that is what Martin Seynour brand calls the stuff. It is somewhere between satin and semi gloss. Remember, the purpose of this stuff was originally to keep the thing from rusting until it left the new car dealer lot. Most of those parts were dipped at the factory, not sprayed. Originally, it was slightly more durable than liquid shoe polish.

Question from Jim (1965):

My 1965 Crown's air filter housing is black but I can see that it was once the same turquoise as the engine. The car has been in the family since new and I don't recall this part ever being painted (or have a clue why anyone would do so) but I suspect that its supposed to be turquoise. Does anybody out there know for sure?


From Kerry:

I've seen articles about this in some of my Street Rod magazines. Doesn't harm chrome, stainless or even glass but somehow removes paint. It takes a HUGE compressor, one of those things built from a V8 engine that they use to run jackhammers.

From Rodger:

The only non-black air cleaner housing that I have seen ( in MoPars ) are the ones painted orange/red with the rectangle shaped dual snorkels, shaker ram air and the six pack stuff.

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