Convertible Top Fasteners For Your Imperial


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Question from Lance (1966):

My car is a convertible and the two fiberglass boots are there but the center piece is missing and I do not have the fasteners to attach the boot to the car. Where can I get the center piece to the boot and the fasteners.

Reply from Wayne:

The center section of the top boot is vinyl fabric. Any trim and top shop should be able to make one up for you. Gary Goers has the snaps (fasteners).

Question from Anthony (1967):

Does any one know where I can purchase the "little clips" that are under the boot cover for the Imperial convertible They kind of hook under the chrome moulding across the back.


From Bob:

Year One has them but they are rather high I think the price they told me was $120.00 if you have one of there catalogs you can look up the price.

From Joe:

You can also try .

From Ed:

I found boot clips at Mitchell Motors, but had to trim them to correct width as they were too wide. This was about five years ago and the cost was approx. $5.00 each.

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