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Question from Anthony (1956):

I have to replace my windshield on my '56 Imperial because of rock damage, and I need to find the rubber gasket that goes in around it. The company I'm having replace it has ordered the original glass but they don't have the gasket. Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated!!


From William:

I know of a guy in Napoleon, Ohio who is 88 years old and has a lot of NOS parts. He literally has parts book dating back to the 20s..and he has managed to find quite a few NOS pieces for me. He really knows his Mopar. He has a lot of carburetor kits on hand .. Give him a try and see if you can't have him track down your windshield gasket.

Funkhouser Motor Company 

125 West Main Street

Napoleon, Ohio 



From David:

I got trunk rubber from: 

Robert's Motor Parts

17 Prospect St.

West Newbury, Ma



They will have your window gasket. 

From Warren:

Go to he has the windshield gasket for your '56.

Update from Anthony:

Just wanted to give everyone an update on my front glass situation. The glass company came back out. They did not want to take the glass out again. I wanted them to. They said the gasket was in excellent condition. The one worker went ahead and removed the windshield. The channel had the silicone material still white and wet with water. He then went ahead immediately and removed the rubber gasket. I wish he would have slowed down and compared the new gasket first, but nevertheless;

I now have two problems. The rubber gasket steele rubber products sent me is the wrong one. I called them last night and they said they see a problem with the listing, that they would take care of me and have the original salesman contact me.

Also the glass has a deformation at the bottom passenger side. It was pointed out by one of the workers. the other one seemed not to care, like it was nothing. I am bothered by it.

I am going to contact my insurance company and see about getting another glass company. what I thought was going to be a simple glass removal is turning out to be a nightmare.

A few questions:

My original gasket is removed. The one worker said I could not reuse it. The other one that found the deformation in the glass said that if I did to really rub it down with silicone to clean it up. That it was really still supple. The other one said that as soon as you remove it, it started to shrink.

I have a week off next week for Christmas and am really down. I feel I am loosing control with this situation. I now believe the white gasket material and the glass deformation are the problems.

Reply from Bill:

The one worker was wrong, windshield gaskets have been reused in a few of my cars with no problems later. What year Imperial do you have? The reason I ask is that the windshield from a 1968, and I assume a 67, is sort of pinched in at the bottom on both right & left sides. At first you think this is a deform in the glass, but it isn't, they were made that way, but for what reason I do not know.

Reply from John:

If this is the early 60's zipper type gasket, put it back in. Unless its so dry & brittle that it is crumbling, its the best way to go in my humble opinion. None of the aftermarket gaskets are really close to being correct.

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