How To Repair Your Imperial's Headlight Glass


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Question from Ken (1966):

On my 1966 Imperial, one of the glass headlight covers is rattling. How do I fix this?


From Paul:

There's a gasket between the glass and the trim that you may need to repair/replace.

From Bob:

There is a very thin rubber gasket that fits over the edge of the headlight lens. You can probably find a generic replacement from places like Steele Rubber. Mine seem to be in good shape, but still leak water! I will probably add some silicone sealer eventually.

Question from Bill (1965-1966):

Were the glass covers for the headlights standard on the 65 & 66 Imperials?


From Bob:

Yes. The '65 has thin horizontal white lines, except in the center. The '66 has a gold band around the outer edge.

When I bought my '66, the entire chrome "bucket" was missing from my car! I obtained these parts through Doc Bullock.

From Chris:

Yes they were. The 65's featured horizontal lines that helped to continue the grill pattern. The 66's had a gold outline around the perimeter of the glass...

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