How To Repair Your Imperial's Hood Insulation Material


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Question from Joe (1956):

I have a 56 Imperial. Does anyone know where I can get the original type under hood insulation?


From Bob:

Did you try Gary Goers?  He might have it.

From Elijah:

Gary Goers has excellent reproductions of the hood insulation pads. I don't have the catalog in front of me at the moment, so I'm not sure if '56 is listed, but I bet it is.

All contact information is available at

Everything I've ever ordered from Gary has been exactly as it should be. Be forewarned -- he's a one man show, and he actually makes most of the stuff he sells, so he's often very sloooooooow. But it's worth the wait, especially since he's the ONLY source for much of what he offers.

From Bob:

I got a perfect replacement insulator from Gary Goers a few years ago for my '66, and plastic replacement clips. Looks great.

Question from Bernard (1962):

Does anyone know the material of the board located under the hood for soundproofing?  Mine is not in very good condition and I wonder if there is asbestos in it?


From Bob:

I do not know what the original material was, but I obtained a very nice replacement for my '66 from Gary Goers which looks very "original". The dimensions, holes and edges are very precise.

From James:

I don't know about what's in older cars, but the soundproofing in my New Yorker Brougham looks like fiberglass. Although asbestos is an excellent insulator and fire retardant, I've never heard of it being used in that application. As an interesting aside, the name for most industrial asbestos (the Mg2(OH)4[Si2O5] form anyway) is Chrysotile.

From Bill:

If and when you remove the soundproofing from your hood make sure you wear a long sleeve shirt, gloves and a mask.

Question from Dick (1967):

When installing the hood pad, do you put the fuzzy side down or on the hood itself, The one on my car now has the fuzzy side down but it seems to me it would be easier to keep clean and look better with the hard side down, I could paint over the part #'s if that is correct also the people who worked on this car before made lots of mistakes and thought this might be another one


From Roy:

The hard side, as I recall there are a couple clip holes in the middle that will only line up that way. The originals didn't have a hard side, just exposed fibers that got fuzzy over the years.

From Denis:

Just had some installed in my 62 LeBaron, and the hard side is to fit against the hood, with the fuzzy side out to absorb more sound, and to disperse more heat. It also absorbs more fluid when something go wrong under the hood.

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