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Question from Philippe (1954):

I've a friend who has a beautiful '54 Imperial but his windshield has a small crack. he wants replace it so do you know where he could find one which fits exactly .. I remember some friends' windshields which wasn't very accurately made and broken when installed (south American made ?). Second inquiry, is there an interchange with other Mopar windshield?  I believe it's a # 2958S reference (same on '53 / 54 Chrysler and DeSoto 4dr exc. limo but I'm not sure.


From Arran:

The 1954 Imperials, Chryslers, and DeSotos all used the same body design, the only difference was in the wheelbases. If the numbers match the windshield should fit out of any of those cars as long as it came out of an actual car and wasn't an after market reproduction. Just for reference the original glass was called Solex glass and had a slight green tint to it. So if you use a clear windshield, or one with a different tint, it won't look right in its place.

From Bill:

You do not say which body style, but there were three windshields used by DeSoto and Chrysler in 1953-54 :

W279 : (20"x60") : Used on all club coupes, 4-door sedans, and 4-door wagons

W280 : (22"x60") : Used on 8-passenger sedans and limousines

W281 : (22'x60") : Used on all 2-door hardtops and convertibles

The Imperials used the same bodies as the Windsors, New Yorkers, Powermasters and FireDomes. The extra length of the Imperial was in the engine compartment (6") while the 6-passenger sedans had an additional 2" in the B-pillar.

Question from Anthony (1956):

Does anyone know the part number for the front glass of a 1956 Imperial.


From Denis:

Don't know the number, but according to the interchange manual, the 55 & 56 DeSoto, Chrysler & Imperials use the same windshield.

From Bill:

The Chrysler part numbers for 1955-56 DeSoto, Chrysler and Imperial windshields are :

Clear - 1548 620 Solex - 1548 736

The DeSoto and Chrysler convertible windshields are different, by the way.

If you are looking for glass from an auto glass dealer, quote the NAGS number - W391.

Question from Tracy (1960):

Does anyone know if a 1963 Imperial windshield fits a 1960 Imperial LeBaron?


From Dave:

The windshield will interchange, side glass is different, The 63 side glass is 63 only, other than the vent window glass. Not sure if the '63 and '60 LeBaron rear glass will though. Something tells me that they are different.

From Bob:

It will fit. But will not have correct curve in top section of windshield to be correct.

Question from Steve (1963):

The '63 has some cracks over on the lower left corner... not into the field of vision, but I'd like to start keeping my eyes peeled. I'm guessing '61-'63 are the same, but need to know for sure. What about other ChryCo cars?

Reply from Wayne:

Windshields from 57-63 Imperials, and 64-66 Imperial Convertibles, are all identical.

Closed car windshields from 64-66 Imperials will interchange with 57-63 Imperials, and 64-66 Imperial Convertibles, - but will not be 100% correct.

The Imperial windshield from 57-66 will not interchange with other Chrysler product cars.

Question from Mark (1965):

Can anyone tell us if a 1964 4dr crown windshield fits a '65 2dr imperial convertible?


From Chris:

The windshields are different, beginning in 1964. The convertible is curved at the top, while all other models use a new flatter profile one.

However, it appears the same curved windshield was used on sedans and convertibles from 1957-63, so one from any Imperial of that era will fit a 65 Convertible.

From Jeff:

The answer is Yes and No... Yes it will fit just fine as I have a 64 LeBaron windshield in my 66 convert. No it will not be correct as the 64-66 converts use the same windshield as the 57-63? Imps which is curved out in a slightly different shape. I would venture to say 99.95% of the people on the planet would never know the difference or care but it is a slightly different windshield.

Question from Mike (1967):

Does the 1967 Imperial convertible take the same front windshield as the sedan?


From Pete:

No, the sedan windshield will not work. At least with C-bodies, 2DHT, 4DHT, convertible interchange, but 4DS and wagons are different. I think the same holds true for Imperial.

From Mark:

I am %90 sure the 67 Imperial sedan windshield will not fit the convertible. The sedan is like the LeBaron; it has a slightly higher roofline, therefore the glass is not interchangeable. (In other words, the sedan's windshield & the LeBaron's would swap okay, but not the sedan and a convertible or a reg. hardtop.)

I believe a coupe (2 dr. hardtop) or reg. hardtop would fit, however.

From Allan:

The windshields that fit are as follows, according to Hollanders, only HT and Convertible windshields are the same 

1965 - 1966 Chrysler 2-door, convertible and 4-door 

1967 - 1968 Chrysler convertible

1965 Dodge Polara, Custom 880 and Monaco 2-door, convertible, and 4-door 

1966 Polara and Monaco 2-door and convertible 

1966 - 1968 Polara and Monaco 4-door 

1967 - 1968 Polara and Monaco 2-door and convertible

1967 - 1968 Imperial 2-door, convertible, 4-door 

1965 - 1968 Fury 2-door, convertible, 4-door 

1966 Plymouth VIP 2-door 

1967 - 1968 VIP 4-door

Remember only hardtops fit, no sedans.

Question (1967 and 1968 interchange):

Do the 1967 and 1968 Imperial windshields interchange?

Reply from Chris:

Not all the hardtop models interchange:
- The Crown windshields interchange with each other...
- But the LeBaron hardtop is shared with the base pillared Sedan, both of which have a 1" taller roofline than the Crowns.

The Crown windshields are also shared with a number of '65-68 C-bodies (Chryslers and Dodges).

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