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Question from (1957 versus 1958):

Are the '57 and '58 taillight lenses the same?


From Hugh:

The tail lights of the '57 & '58 are the same.

From George:

Yes the '57 and '58 tail lenses are the same, and I do make beautiful new reproductions that are unconditionaly guaranteed. Just drop me a line at if you would like a price list.

Question from Greg (1961):

Last year I made the acquaintance of a German couple from Germany who purchased a 1959 Imperial on their 2 month travel of The U.S.

Since then I have kept in contact and at times purchased items for their '59. I am having trouble tracking down the lens for the taillights. Their has some cracks. Does anyone know where I can find any?


From George:

I do make the highest quality reproductiom tail lenses for the '59. NOS+ quality, drop me a line at for my price list.

From Steve:

George Laurie makes them. I haven't bought anything from him myself but have heard many other people say that his reproductions are extremely nice.

From Teddy:

In Sweden (if your friends like to do buisness in Europe): E-mail I know nothing about the price or quality; I have never done buisness with them.

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