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Question from Tony (1956):

Would someone show me a photo of the front AND rear license plate holders correct for the 1956 Imperial??


From Chris:

I don't have any pix to send but an interesting note on the '56s is that, when you install a front plate, the bumper guards get swapped (left becomes right) so they kind of point out instead of straight ahead. Don't ask me why, but I saw it on a friend's car, thought they were installed backwards and learned this tidbit.

From John:

Swapping the front bumper guards does seem to be the thing on the '56 with front plate. Mine were switched in Calif. When I moved to New Mexico, where we have no front plate, I changed the guards, and now it looks like it should.

Question from Hugh (1958):

I cannot recall how to change the license plate bulb on my 58. I'm sure I have done it before. I was just down on my hands and knees looking at it but just cannot see how to access it. I'd appreciate some help.


From Bill:

I don't know how close the bulb placement is in the 1958 compared to the 1959. I know the bumpers are different, and my '59 had some type of clear plastic dome type cover that was broken off, and just kind of lodged in there when I got it, so I took it off and left it off. I have replaced my bulb several times, since I was using the wrong voltage, and the easiest way to do it is lie on your back looking up at the bulb, and put it in from there. If you try to do it from above it will be next to impossible. I'm just not looking forward to having to get inside the fins to unscrew the bolts to someday change the tail light bulbs when they burn out. I have my shiny new bullets from, but have not put them on yet because of this.

From Doug:

According to my '58 Imperial repair manual. The taillight bulbs are on a plug in/pull out type socket that doesn't require the removal of any bolts. It is however necessary to remove several bolts if you are intending to remove the entire taillight assembly. I don't think that this design was significantly altered on the '59s which used the exact '57-'58 body with some different trim.


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