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Question (1960):

Does anyone know of a supplier or where I can find the two small reflectors that appear on the top of the fins at the end of the molding on a 1960? Someone who owned my car before me spray painted the reflectors white for some strange reason. I guess they were doing some touch up and missed the trunk or fenders. Anyway, I have been looking for NOS or very good originals and haven't had much luck. Actually, I have yet to even see one. Repros wouldn't be a problem either.

Reply from Per:

If you can get them off the car in one piece, try putting them overnight in some DOT 4 brake fluid. The should come out as good as new, use a used toothbrush to get any paint off that's left on the reflectors. If the "red" also comes out, there's special glass paint that you can buy in art supplies stores.

Question from Chris (1972):

Does anyone on the list have a pair of reflectors that go in the rear bumper on a ' 72 LeBaron?  The previous (original) owner decided the best way to repair these cracked reflectors was to plaster them over with red and white striped reflective tape, the back-up light lens received it's fair share of transparent tape, as well...Anyone with a ' 72 parts book feel like looking these PN's up for me ???

Reply from Chris

Here's what I can find in my '72 parts book:

Backup lamp lens and gasket package: 3620757

The reflectors are proving more elusive. There is nothing in the lamps section, nothing in the body trim section, but Imperial is the only rear bumper that lists an item called "REFLEX," which I will give you as the closest thing I can find. I cannot imagine what else it might be:

Left 3479273 Right 3479272

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