How To Dismantle Your Imperial's Body From Its Frame

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If you have an Imperial with frame-on-body construction, you may find these following tips helpful on how to remove the body from the frame:

1)  Strip the interior

Remove carpet, but make sure and keep a sample which includes the pattern so you can get a close reproduction. 

Label all the wire connections and any parts that you might forget where they go.

2)  Undo the bolts holding the body to the chassis

If they are rusted solid, try an angle grinder to saw them off. 

3)  Remove any small parts from the engine

Also all other engine bay parts, like the power brake booster and windscreen wiper motor, should be removed.

4)  Remove the external trim

Only the heavy pieces such as the bumpers, kick plates, all windows, the doors, trunk lid and hood which should be straight forward to remove. It is a good idea to take lots of pictures all through this stage to aid in re-assembly.  It may also be a good idea to make a list of any parts that need replacing.

5)  Remove the body

It may be difficult finding all of the bolts that attached the body to the chassis, so look carefully.  Next you will need to get some help to lift the body using some type of support structure which you can attach the body to as you roll the chassis out from underneath it.

6)  Dismantle the front & rear suspension

Make sure and note the spacers on the front suspension so as to retain the correct wheel alignment on re-assembly. 

7)  Now you should have a completely bare chassis.


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