Repair Of Your Imperial's Fender Skirts


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Tip from Wayne:

Although the wheel openings are the same on '69 and '71, the skirts are different. The '71 skirts show more of the wheel/tire than the '69 skirts. I also believe the latching mechanism is different on the '69 skirts. My '71 skirts have a pin on one end, and a wing nut on the other side. I believe the '69's had the lever mechanism.

Addition from John:

You are correct on the 69 skirt, it does have the lever.

Question from Joran (1970):

Were fender skirts an option on the 1970 Imperial Le Baron? I have seen 1969,'71,'72 and '73 with fender skirts,but not an 1970.


From Elijah:

Fender skirts were NOT available for the 1970 Imperial. They were standard on all all other years between 1967 and 1975.

From John:

'69's had a metal skirt with the lever action lock mechanism, I do not believe they were available in '70. I have never had a '71, but have had both a '72 and a '73 which had fiberglass skirts with the big wingnut to lock it in place.

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