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Question from Dan (1966):

Does anyone out there have an understanding of just how the body (on a '66 Convertible, probably HT also) is supported on the frame? I am still trying to figure out why my car is leaning to the left after new leaf springs were put on...I do not believe the problem is with the springs as the frame itself is level (+/- an 1/8inch) while the body is off an inch, measuring to the ground at the left and right sides of the rear bumper. (the left, drivers side is lower).


From Paul:

The body is fastened to the frame with a series of rubber mounts. It is possible that the body could rot around one of the mounts and collapse on to the frame. This type of deterioration would be quite obvious with a look under the car.

From Leo:

This might sound dumb, but have you driven the car since the springs were installed? Perhaps they haven't "seated" themselves yet, if thats possibe. If you haven't, drive on a rough road with bumps and see if they seat themselves. I have no experience with this, just an idea.

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