How To Remove Swirls & Unevenness In Your Imperial's Paint


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Question from John:

I'm looking for a product will help to take the swirls and unevenness out of the paint finish.  Any feedback on a product like Nu-Finish?


From Bob:

I'm a big fan of Meguiar's No. 7, "Show Car Glaze" - it smoothes out paint better than anything I've used. In their catalog, they have No. 9, "Swirl Remover", which you might try also.

My latest goal in car paint prep & protection is to FINALLY reduce the number of products* I've been using over the years. So as I use all this stuff up, it will be Meguiar's No. 7 for preparation and their liquid "Medallion Premium Paint Protection" that I'll buy again. That's it - forever!

Oh yeah, and a good car wash solution and "Final Inspection" to get the dust off between washing and/or waxing.

From David:

I have been using Dura-Lube gas & oil treatments for the past seven years with very good results. As far as the finish goes I use a product called "TR-3" followed by Meguiar's polish. I use the TR-3 first and rub off by hand using flannel towels then I apply the Meguiar's and rub off with flannel towels as well. Out here in the southwest it's hard to keep red paint from oxidizing but I haven't had a problem since I started using this combination. By the way I have been doing this once a year for the past five years since I had my truck repainted and it looks just as good now as it did then, and it sits outside most of the time.

From Steve:

I used to use Nu-Finish. As a matter of fact, I still have a 1/2 bottle of it in my tool shed. Try using Zymol. It is avail in Advance and other popular stores in an ugly blue (the wax is blue...the bottle clear) bottle for about $12.  I think they ranked 1st in a magazine test.  A good thing about it is that it is VERY easy to take off. As a matter of fact, they recommend wiping it right off while wet.  I have applied it to scorching hot paint and it was still easy to take off though.  To me, there is nothing worse than waxing a huge car with wax that is a pain in the neck to get off. Try the Zymol.

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