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Question from John:

I'm concerned about windshield rubber seals. Can those be re-used or is there a source for new ones?


From Tony:

Personally, I have NEVER seen a windshield rubber gasket that was bad. They seem to stand up to the ravages of time very well. My personal tip (learned from my Navy days): When you want to preserve rubber gaskets, clean them very well, and then coat them with silicone grease. It shields them from the ozone in the air, which is the main culprit. My ship had the same waterproof-door gaskets since 1958, and they were as fresh and new twenty years later. It was my duty to maintain them, so I know!

I would also caution everybody to be aware that silicone is NOT easy to remove from paint - It doesn't harm it, but it does affect future paint-job preparation. Many paint-sealing polishes contain some variation of it, and if you expect to paint on top of it, don't expect the paint to stay there unless you use the special detergents that will remove silicone. You can get them at any automotive-paint supply shop, along with just about ANY kind of fasteners and clips for exterior trim! I found the clips that my little gold crowns fit into right on the shelf. Just look in the Yellow Pages under "Paint-Automotive" or "Automotive - Paint."

From George:

A company named CASTLE Products makes this grease and it is in a really cool package. It comes in a 12 in. tall small diameter can, with a spout on the top much like a whipped cream can-one pushes the spout sideways to dispense the grease. Less mess and waste.

Actually, they call it BRAKE LIFE pure silicone grease, and it is an opaque color so it should be perfect for using on weatherstrip - the only use they came up with is to lube brake shoe contact points or caliper sliding surfaces.

CASTLE, as a rule, sells products only to car dealers or garages, and possibly doesn't do business all over the USA - so it might be hard to get - but surely someone else makes the grease - the nice thing about the brand is the can it comes in.

I will try this stuff on my car the next time I wash it!!!!

If you can't find it or want some, I can get it at the dealership where I work - though it is about 12.00 a can.

One thing I remembered and would like to share is at our garage we get a lot of complaints about windows that are hard to roll up and we found a good dose of silicone SPRAY in the channel rubbers that the windows ride up and down in, works well to correct this - HOWEVER sometimes it will cause the rubber to soften and swell, making the problem much worse than before and possibly ruining the weatherstrip. So, assuming the silicone grease most likely has the same basic ingredients but in different form, I would be apprehensive about using this stuff on these parts!!!

Windshield, trunk, around the doors themselves etc, should not be a problem, even if it does swell - it may even be desired to improve the sealing of the weatherstrip.

From Nancy:

Tony is correct about silicone lubricant for the windshield rubber. Before you remove a windshield spray the rubber gasket for several days with silicone lubricant spray. It will make the gasket nice and pliable and slippery so the windshield can be easily removed without tearing or otherwise damaging the gasket.

Question from Patrick (1958):

I badly need a '58 Imperial trunk weather strip/gasket. Any ready sources? I haven't checked local NAPA, etc., but thought I'd throw out the request here first. The old one is deplorable.

Reply from Alex:

I got the exact replacment from Gary Gores. His phone is 406-752-6249.

Question from Aubrey (1961):

I had to remove the rear window of my 1961 Crown Southampton (4-door Hardtop) to repair the long-rusting channel there while we're taking her down to bare metal for repainting. Unfortunately the rubber gasket is no longer usable and I need to get a replacement. I got the front windshield gasket from Gary Goers but did not find the rear one in his catalog and have not been able to contact him recently. I tried Andy Bernbaum for one and they sent a 2-piece item that wasn't right and has been returned.

Does anybody have any sources that they know would have this elusive rubber gasket? If not, anybody have any suggestions?


From Kenyon:

I would not use anything but an original (used) one. Lowell and Bob both have fleets of cars that should have them. Since they're under the SS trim, you have a chance of finding one that isn't rotted.

The aftermarket stuff is junk that is extruded one-size-fits-all that is questionable at best. I was VERY disappointed with what Andy Bernbaum's supplied, but it's probably as good as is to be had with new material, so not slamming them. Look at the difference between stock and the new stuff and there's the basis of my argument. A barn car would be the first place I'd go if I could find one. Is 61-63 the same? If so your odds just went up.

From Paul:

I think the '60, '61, and '62 are the same. The '63 has a different shaped window.

I agree with you Kenyon, and I would have suggested that, but you beat me to it. That window gasket was made out of some pretty good material. The chances of finding a good used one are pretty high.

I am sure that Bob Hoffmeister can supply one.

From Ron:

You may want to look in the services section of the Hemmings Motor news. there are usually some people who deal in new old stock stuff such as this, and there are companies like Soffseal who manufacture new seals. It is not too remote to check with some of the glass installers in your area, as they have books of gaskets and seals for many old cars

Question from Paul(1962):

Does anyone have a good source for reproduction weather-stripping. I could use all of it, but I really need the stuff that goes above the windows on my '62 LeBaron Southampton, and also the same for my '63 and '65 Crown 4 doors. 


From George:

I got weather-stripping for my 1964 LeBaron 4 door thru Atlas Obsolete Chrysler.

From Chris:

Gary Goers sells it by the foot, part #W53. You'll need 12 feet.

From Roger:

I've seen Gary Goers' strip on a '61 Crown four door hardtop and it didn't seem to fit right. Don't know if it was the strip or the installation. It seemed too big and the windows had to be put down a little to close the doors.

Question from Rick (1964):

I am looking for information on where I can get weather stripping for windows and doors. Can anyone help?


From Jeff:

There is a company called Steele Rubber Products. They have about everything but are not cheap. You can find them at

From Bill:

Try Restoration Specialties & Supply, Inc

They pretty much carry it all, and I'm pretty sure a lot of these higher priced catalog companies get their stuff from them.

From Chris:

I managed to find all of the weatherstripping for my '62 Southampton from Andy Bernbaum. Right down to the felt lined chrome strips that sandwich the windows at the door seams. He has a lot of parts.

From Kenyon:

I got mine from Andy Bernbaum too, and was pretty happy with what I received.

I ordered front and rear window seals and was most disappointed to find that I had purchased a coiled strip of extruded rubber. The one that was made especially for the 1960 LeBaron was simply a shorter length than the standard (larger window) model. This stuff would probably work OK on just about any car from the era...

I am most uninterested in having a seam in my car's window seal. I assume that the darned thing will shrink or do something frustrating to ruin my enjoyment of my "finished" car.

The same goes for the trunk and hood items, but the examples provided were passable.

I strongly recommend comparing any newly acquired rubber trim/seal items to the old before the originals are discarded. Things may be new, and close to correct. How close each comes to being tolerable to you might be best determined before you commit to installation with the contact cement.

Question from George (1964):

I  need all new weather striping, including roof rail rubber for my 1964 4-door LeBaron.  Also tried Steele Rubber prod. Anyone got another possible source?


From Chris:

Gary Goers has most everything you might need in the way of weatherstripping, including the gaskets for the windshield and rear window glass. You should order his catalog. He is listed prominently in the IML website, or go to:

From Bill:

Try Restoration Specialties & Supply, Inc. They have a LOT of hard to find parts for restoring cars. You can also download their catalog at their website too.

Another good source for rubber parts is Metro Molded Parts Inc, they also have a downloadable catalog at:

Question from Joe (1964):

My '64 Coupe needs new weather striping at the roof line where the windows seat. I also need to know how these pieces are removed and the new ones attached.

Reply from Dave:

I would tend to believe that the 64 to 66 coupes and 4 doors used all the same weatherstrip application around the side windows.

Question from Chris (1965):

Does anyone know where I can get new rubber door/window seals for my 65 Crown? Mine are very cracked around the windows and I'm getting a lot of noise at high speeds.

Reply from Leo:

Try Gary Goers...he has good service and good prices, but at times a wait for delivery.

Question from Don (1967):

Does anybody know where I can get front and rear windshield rubber gaskets/seals? It's for a Sedan therefore different than a LeBaron and a Crown 4 door hardtop. I did find a shop in town that has 2 new windshields for a Sedan(!!!) in stock so I'm set there.

Reply from Leslie:

After hunting for a year, I was never able to find a rear one. I finally settled for a used one as it's a full-size Dodge sedan and the Chrysler sedan rear windows are the same as the Imperial sedan for 67-68.
Sedan Part only
2605056 Imperial
2605882 Chryslers

The front one was still listed in my glass guys catalog was no big deal as it interchanged with LeBaron, and Numerous full Size Chryslers and Wagons. I was able to get the new clips and Screws from Mr. G's in Texas.

Question from Bob (1968):

I have a '68 4-dr hdtp and I am looking to replace the rubber weather stripping that runs along the sides and tops of the door windows, parallel to the roof rain gutter. Steele rubber shows a set for $149.  Does anyone have experience with Steele, or know where else I should look?

Reply from Chris:

Look no further than Steele. I have their roof rail weatherstripping in my '67 Crown 4dHT... the fit is flawless and the quality is excellent.

There is no need to look any further (as if you could find someone else reproducing these). Steele is a reputable vendor and they ship promptly.

Question from Bruce (1971):

The parts sources I have contacted (Year One, etc) say I must find NOS for the rear window 1/4 glass sealing strip. This is the rubber/felt strip that attaches to the leading edge of the rear windows, which the chrome strip on the rear edge of the front window seals against. I figured that with all the 4-door no-post cars out there, I could adapt one meant for another car. Has anyone done this?


From Bill:

If you have not, you might try Restoration Specialties & Supply Inc, they may have what you are looking for. They also have a downloadable catalog on their website.

From Anthony:

Best place for weatherstipping is GT RESTORATION
San Bernardino CA
TEL: 909-825-0477

From Eric:

Also try Steele Rubber.

Question from Arran (1981 - 1983):

Would it not be possible to use the weather stripping for an early eighties Cordoba or Mirada on the Imperial? Since all three use the same body shell one would think that the majority of the glass would be the same and the weather stripping for the other two would be easy to find new from local sources.




From Roger:


Close, but probably no ceegar. The Cordoba and Mirada were hardtops with a rear window, not a fixed opera window. Arran might be on the right track though; how about the LeBaron or Diplomat? Anybody got a parts book?


From Peter:


The roof rail weatherstrip for the 81-83 Imperial are unique to only that car. The part #'s are 4136724, 4136725. The door weatherstrip are the same as the Cordoba and Mirada. Part#'s 4136226, 4136227.


From Bill:

The weatherstripping is listed as mounted on two parts :
1) Doors - for below the belt line
2) Roof - surrounding the door glass.

For the doors (all are for 2-door coupes) :
1981-1983 Imperial, 1980-1983 Cordoba & Mirada :
R - 4136 226
L - 4136 227
1980-1981 Diplomat, LeBaron & Caravelle :
R - 4040 828
L - 4040 829
1979 Aspen, Diplomat, Volare, Caravelle & LeBaron :
R - 4040 828
L - 4040 829
1977-1979 Diplomat, LeBaron & Caravelle :
R - 3875 580
L - 4040 829

The upper weatherstripping, attached to the body (again, 2-door coupes) :
1981-1983 Imperial (2 sections) :
Front R - 4136 716
Front L - 4136 717
Rear R - 4136 720
Rear L - 4136 721
1980-1983 Cordoba & Mirada :
R - 4136 536
L - 4136 537
Plus a weatherstrip for the quarter window.
1980-1982 Diplomat, Caravelle & LeBaron  :
R - 4136 158
L - 4136 159
1976-1979 Aspen, Diplomat, Volare, Caravelle & LeBaron :
R - 3875 568
L - 3875 569

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